Hello my friends Welcome to 💞Stella LoveCook 💞 today we will make Μelomakarona which are fluffy – smell beautiful – it’s delicious – it is very easy – quickly with an Amazing taste – let’s see how they are made our materials are = 1 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil – .1/2 cup margarine – .1 cup of powdered sugar .3/4 small glass of three-star cognac – .1 glass of water juice (1/2 mandarin and 1/2 orange) .Shaving from 2 oranges and shaving from 1 lemon .1 teaspoon of soda – .2 cups of semolina thick – .1 cup of nut (Rabelaisian) .1 kg of all-purpose flour sifted – .1 sachet of baking powder in a bowl we’ll pour the olive oil – margarine and sugar (and we will strike very well to integrate) in the juice we add the soda add cognac – Shaving from 2 oranges and shaving from 1 lemon (and mix lightly) melomakarona Do not want too much hit – the sugar we use – it’s powdered sugar – it’s not crystalline sugar add the walnut – semolina thick – baking powder with a little flour leave the mixture 1 to 2 minutes – because we want the semolina to inflate slightly slowly add the flour – do not drop all the flour together (It may not get it all the flour ) do not knead – Just mix flour not got our whole mixture – if we threw all the flour from the beginning we would have been sure Failure – for the dough would be too tight look how we want the dough for melomakarona we want melomakarona to be soft – fluffy – we do not want the dough to stick to our hands (and the dough should be slightly cut) Αttention to what I will tell you= we do not want gluten to be united we want to have a dough – grater (to be cooked properly and – to be crisp – fluffy – and very delicious) if we take the syrup –
to absorb immediately – and become surprisingly Now we are ready to create our melomakarona (we take the grater and put on the thick part ) we will make a ball – we will press (and we will make the melodramano) Now we can add that filled the desire –
💞 Look carefully at technical 💞 Look carefully we want to have a hole – look in case you want to stuff the melomakarona with nut I do not put nuts as stuffing because I put it in the dough (put a teaspoon and close) If you want your melomacarona to be too spicy inside the nut you will add cinnamon and spice clove the first large baking pan is ready Bake in a preheated ovenat 170 to 180 ° C for 20 to 30 minutes – of course, the oven also plays a role the baking is always played – accordingly why=Depending on how big or how small you will be Making your melomakarona –
💞See the detailed list💞=for the garnish we need = 1 cup of nut (Rabelaisian) – 2 tbsp breadcrumbs –
1 teaspoon of cinnamon – and little – spice clove in a bowl we will squeeze the nut and the rest of the ingredients and shuffle very well (our melomakarona will become very fragrant with all this) our melomakarona is ready Look what color we want to have and from below a nice golden color – are still hot as soon as they cool very well we will drop the syrup hot syrup (💞So always remember the melomakarona must be cold while the syrup is hot💞) after cooking melomacarona do not put them in a baking pan but on a grill (we do not want to get moisture from the water vapor – will soften) we want to be crisp – to be delicious
**until we add the syrup** in this way they will cool down much easier – much faster – and much more correctly you see the hole I told you that we are making? the syrup will penetrate in – and it will be perfect – even in the center will be syrup
  – and it will not be dry – your melodramano and the semolina that has the property and doubles with hot syrup – It would be amazing For the syrup our materials are = 1 kg of sugar – 1/2 orange – 1/2cinnamon stick – 3 1/2 glasses of water After boiling the syrup – we will add = 250 g of honey When the syrup starts to boil – we will boil an additional 5 minutes with a fork we will remove the juice from the orange – and pour it directly into the syrup as you see the syrup we want to be thin fluid Not thick – add the honey – waiting to boil and turn off the fire if we see a lot of foam on the surface we can remove them but you will know that this removes all the aroma that honey we are ready – to throw the melomakarona – into the syrup **let them in syrup 1 to 2 minutes to double the semolina** they will enter the syrup and become perfect we are almost ready to remove melomacarona from the syrup If the syrup starts to cool – you will light your fire so that the syrup can be heated again we have not finished with syruping – to be sure the syrup has passed through 100% boil for the second time the syrup for 1 to 2 minutes we will put melomakarona – inside a large and deep baking pan – and with a ladle we will pour over syrup – hot syrup we will leave the melomakarona for 2 minutes on one side and 2 minutes on the other side – and are ready we take melomacarona from the syrup
💞and garnish with the nut – the cinnamon and – spice clove💞 they are amazing – they smell perfectly
 – they have taken syrup through our melomakarona is perfect – amazing their taste is dreamlike – you see the syrup is in the center they are fluffy – soft – melt in the mouth are the nicest melomakarona – you’ve eaten
– you eat Make my girlfriend and you’ll see that you will be excited our melomakarona is ready **I wish you good luck** Merry Christmas with health – Be all well – You and your families I wish that your wish – Through the depths of my heart I hope you are always well – with Health – Love and that You Want – and very happy syrup that remains will not fly – you will pass it through a pierce and put it in a jar this syrup can be used in other sweets such as baklava – Saragali – donuts in case you do not want to do anything of this – you can store it in the fridge If you do not want to do something right away – Put it in a storage bag and put it in the freezer – you can maintain it for as long as you like Easy and fast melomakarona – it’s too delicious – Make my friends – (Make them fast and you’ll see that everyone will ask for the recipe) These recipes are passed from generation to generation and each time they are even more delicious because they are made With love – With care – and especially with a lot of appetite Do not forget to like – subscribe to my channel to share the video – but write to me your comments Be well my friend – I wish you this year to spend the most beautiful Christmas of the whole world – 💞Happy Feasts and Merry Christmas 💞 – Bye-Bye!