This is something incredible, very tasty and tender! This chocolate roll with custard will appeal to absolutely everyone. But if sugar is replaced by sweetener, it generally turns out low-calorie dessert. 1. Beat eggs with salt and sugar. The number of ingredients I will prescribe under the video in the description. 2. Pour kefir or fermented baked milk. I use this time fermented baked milk and add baking powder. Still times whisk. 3. Then add the cocoa, flour, mix and last of all pour in the water and add the butter. Beat and bake the pancakes in a well-heated pan. For the cream, mix the milk with starch, chicken yolk and sugar. Put on medium heat. Constantly stirring, not bringing to a boil, cook until thick. 5. And now there is only the Assembly of this delicious dessert: spread the pancakes in the overlap. Spread the pancakes with cream and twisting into a roll. Then wrap it in plastic wrap and overnight in the refrigerator (in principle, a couple of hours). Subscribe to my channel, put likes and write comments All good sentiments!