Hello. Welcome to my channel. Today I want to share with you a wonderful recipe. Today we will prepare a very quick and simple dessert. We will cook delicious homemade jelly. This is one of the favorite jelly recipes. The perfect combination of products. I will cook a lot of jelly. Therefore, I take a lot of products. If you cook less jelly, then less food is needed. Also, I often cook jelly for a holiday. And when you want something tasty. This jelly is loved by adults and children. Try to cook. We take one liter of sour cream. If desired, sour cream can be replaced with yogurt. I will cook with sour cream. Two hundred and fifty grams of sugar. One teaspoon of vanilla sugar. This ingredient is optional. I put vanilla sugar for flavor. Thirty grams of gelatin. One hundred grams of chocolate. Three large bananas. Sour cream should be at room temperature. Therefore, you need to take sour cream from the refrigerator in advance. Beat sour cream without sugar. Add sugar. Beat sour cream until sugar is completely dissolved. Done. Sugar is completely dissolved in sour cream. Prepare the gelatin. I always make gelatin in a water bath. Pour gelatin with warm water. Water should be warm but not hot. We need one hundred and fifty milliliters of water. Mix. Take a small pan. Pour some water into the pan. About one centimeter from the bottom of the pan. Put the plate on the pan. Turn on a small fire and heat the gelatin. Constantly mix gelatin. Gelatin should not boil. It is important. Otherwise, gelatin will not work. Heat gelatin until smooth. My gelatin is ready. As soon as the gelatin has become uniform and transparent, turn off the fire. We remove the plate from the pan. Give gelatin time to cool. Do not mix hot gelatin with sour cream. Gelatin should be slightly warmer than room temperature. Chop bananas. I cut the bananas into cubes. I spread the bananas in the bowls in which there will be jelly. I put bananas at the bottom of each bowl. Bananas can be replaced with other fruits. But with bananas is very tasty. You can cook jelly in large plates. It’s comfortable. Then you will have several servings in one plate. My gelatin is already cool. Add gelatin to sour cream. Mix sour cream and gradually add gelatin. Added a little and mixed. So add all the gelatin. Pour sour cream into bowls. We put the jelly in the refrigerator until it solidifies. My jelly is already frozen. I decorate jelly with chocolate on top. I rub chocolate on a grater. I decorate jelly with grated chocolate. Be sure to try cooking. This is delicious. Jelly is very tasty, tender and beautiful. This is a very simple and quick to prepare dessert. Subscribe to my channel. So as not to miss new recipes. Всего доброго.