Hello friends, my name is Sergey and in this episode of Hungry Man I’m gonna show you how to make milk dessert for kids, which i call “snowball”. Don’t turn off this video, if you or your child don’t like milk. This recipe tastes like sundae. And It takes just a little time. Let’s go! For the first, take 1 tbsp (10g) of gelatin and pour it with a little water. Leave for 10 min. Buy good gelatin, or you’ll have it.. When gelatin is swollen, pour it in pan and just melt. Don’t overheat it, 60 C (120 F) is maximum. We have liquid. Take it from heat and let cool. In large bowl put 200 grams of sour cream. It’s 1 cup. Take 10-15% sour cream. Add 1/2 cup of sugar. It’s 100 grams. And 1/2 package of vanilla sugar or vanilla extract. Then take from the fridge yogurt or baked milk. Take milk product to taste. With yogurt or yogurt it’ll be snow white with sundae taste. With baked milk – bright beige and will taste like creme brulee. I’ll show variant with yogurt. Dessert with baked milk is already done. Whip sour cream for a 1 minute until sugar dissolves. Mixture increases its size. Then slowly add yogurt. Whip it on a maximum speed for a 2-3 minutes to make it airy. We will get foam and bubbles. If you take small bawl – you’ll wash all kitchen. Then take gelatin. If it became hard – melt it on a small heat. Slowly add to our mixture and whip for 3 minutes more. When your kitchen is dirty enough – you can put bowl in sink. (Tested) Done. Pour in molds. (white) (black) (with cherries) Cover with film and put in fridge for a couple of hours. Quality of gelatin determines time. This is snowball with baked milk. Soft and airy texture with bubbles, which burst in your mouth. And kids, who don’t love milk, will like this dessert. As variant, you can put dessert in hot water for a 10 seconds and remove it from mold. If you like this video – put your finger up, subscribe and write comments! See ya!