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” Tasty and simple ” today we are preparing “ Curd dessert ” favorite
treats for children and adults I have one kilogram of cottage cheese
cottage cheese put the blender bowl add 10 grams of vanilla sugar
100 grams of sugar, put sugar in to your taste
300 grams of sour cream I have sour cream 21 fat percentage and we interrupt everything into a homogeneous mass such curd mass turned out we shift to any deep capacity I washed and poured 100 grams of raisins
hot water for 10 minutes then water drained and dried with a paper towel
100 grams of dried apricots I washed, dried and cut into small
in pieces, add to the curd mass raisins and dried apricots and mix well
it turns out very tasty and healthy dessert in minutes I really love
such a curd dessert for breakfast this and delicious and satisfying, and I also cook pancakes with
try such a curd I hope you enjoy cooking too
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