QUARK DESSERT “TRIO” Today I will make a quark dessert “Trio”. It is prepared from a quark. Andrew will help me. You will be my assistant. Take your workplace. Take a large saucepan. Put the quark into it. A sour cream. Do you like the sour cream? Tasty. Take a sugar. I add a fructose. If you have sugar – grind it into a powdered sugar. Add the sugar. Or the fructose – to taste. Enough. Take a blender. Use a multifunction blade. It is such curve. Begin to mix at low speed. Obtain a homogeneous mass. As a cream. Turning off the blender – it is no longer needed. Take a gelatin, glass, spoon. Come together: four teaspoons of the gelatin. Counts? And the last. Four. Take a hot water. Take a towel. Pour into a glass. Soak the gelatin. The gelatin is completely dissolved. Andrew, take a glass and pour all in a saucepan. Pour all. Good for you! Now we need to mix. Until smooth. Everything. It is a beautiful, white and homogeneous. Give here a plates. How many are there? Three? Put: one, two and three. We shift the quark into the plates. Equal quantities. Get three plates: for dad-bear, bear-mom and little bear Mishutka. Leave one plate in white color. The second plate we painted in red. For this we use a beet juice. In a third plate add a cocoa. In what colors will we paint the quark? Brown! Will be a chocolate quark. Gently stir. Get three different paint. Beautiful. Now we are going to draw. Take a plate with the pink paint. Pour on the middle. One, two, three, four spoons. Now take the brown. In the middle: one … two, three, four. Now take the white. Also add in the middle. One, two, three, four. Now what color, Andrew? Red. Pink. One, two, three. Now – brown. One, two … We have got a circle. Look: we take the wand. And draw. Mix the colors a little bit. We created such a pattern. Floret. Beautiful? Everything! Now we have to put it in the refrigerator to our dessert completely froze. Dessert is completely frozen. Tight. Open. The result is a beautiful striped cake. Sprinkle with a grated chocolate. Just a little – to see the beautiful pattern. Beautiful? – Yes! Enough. We will cut and look what we have. Will you try? – Yes! Only a small piece. A small piece? What a beautiful! Striped. Look, what a beauty! Let’s try now. Well? Delicious. – What’s it like? Coco… a. Cocoa? Like an ice cream. A curd ice cream. Bon appetit! TASTY DIALOGUE WITH ELENA BAZHENOVA