Today, we will learn how to do St. Barbara’s Christmas dessert. The main content of Barba recipe is wheat and nuts. we have one Kg of cracked wheat we will use about 500 gram about four glass of cracked wheat add 3 glasses of water for each glass of wheat and soak in water for two days (48 hours) we are going to stop the recording and back two days later. two days later the wheat becomes more softens Boil for 30 minutes over medium heat. Stir often. add two spoons of Anise grain,
and we added around two spoons of cinnamon later, we will add nuts walnuts pistachio you can add your preferable nuts Peeled almonds dried raisin add all the mixed nuts into recipe. 15 minutes later, we can notice that the wheat is completely softens. we are going to add other ingredients , nuts add 400 gram walnuts add 200 gram peeled almond add 100 gram pistachio later will add another 100 gram pistachio later, we will add dried raisin Stir all ingredients together till we get a good texture now , add another 100 gram pistachio then add dried raisin we have added 400 gram honey stir add 200 gram honey till now we added 600 gram honey one hour and 10 minutes later, we get a good texture use hand mixer for one minutes to get little creamy texture