so we’ve brought for you a sweet video do SUBSCRIBE and make others to Subscribe to CookWithNisha to reach 1M soon she is my sister-in-law today we together make the recipes she is Kitchen Expert she is beauty expert so I am gonna to make the recipes & she is going to beautify them so today we’ll make three snakes and a major ingredient in these three is and that is Whipped Cream so from what you gonna make this cream for this we need Non Dairy Whipped Cream and from where you get it?? you can easily get it from any bakery shop and it cost around Rs 100 to 500 we get this cream in frozen form its just like ice creams you’ve to store only in cold storage that is in freezer you can also store it like that and will use the whatever amount is needed you can use either hand beater or electronic beater we use electronic beater sugar is already added in it initially keep its speed at slow and then increase it gradually Meanwhile we cut fruits for our first recipe it doesn’t get fall even if you invert the container we need this much of consistency so after 5 to 6 minutes our whipped cream is ready so we are all set for our first recipe we use this piping bag to put the cream you can add fruits according to your liking we add one more layer of this cream see how beautiful is this looking my daughter will surely like it you can store it in fridge not in freezer and serve it when guests arrive its also a good substitute for ice cream if you don’t let your child to eat ice cream cause of cold or else. as whipped cream doesn’t too cold so done with our first recipe second recipe is cup cake decoration you can watch its recipe by clicking on that i button shown upward also I’ve given its link in the description box I use this doll to decorate this cup cake place it in the centre of cup cake like this I’l definitely make these cakes on daughter’s birthday party now we’ve take food colour in which we added little water then mix it in the cream you use that gel food colour easily available in the market that is better than those powdered food colour I mix both white and orange to get that perfect combination now our third recipe is Creamy Cold coffee you make that normal cold coffee we mostly like that creamy cold coffee that is available in market i think its not possible to get that much of froth in cold coffee and that occurs only due to whipped cream we’ve sprinkled little cocoa powder over it so we’ll see you in our next video do SUBSCRIBE to CookWithNisha that is turn that red SUBSCRIBE button to grey also press that bell icon nearby it to get the notifications about new uploads do comments below which one you’ve liked the most from these three or if you want me to beautify those recipes which she’ll make let us know in the comments below so will see you in our next video till then