Hello Viewers ,welcome to my Channel Farjana and cooking Today i will make Jello Custard Cake and let’s start… At first i am taking 3 cup coconut water ,3tsp china grass,1tsp sugar and mixing well till boiled china glass under low hit Now i am taking 1/2 liquid on the box and putting some different fruits -as you like Now i am adding my balance full liquid on the box and leave it for 5 minutes Another side i am taking 3 cup fresh cow milk and 2tsp sugar,3 tsp china glass and mix it well under low hit Before i added 2tbsp custard powder with 1/2 cup water. now i am mixing it with milk very well Now i put it on the box Then keep it for 3 hours in normal Refrigerator Come Back after 3 hours, now i will separate cake from the box by knife Now its Ready to serve.. Thank You for watching my Video SUBSCRIBE