hi welcome to Malabar kitchen today one of the special recipe magic cake /magic dessert because it has 3 layers sponge ,custard , and fudge on bottom it needs only very few ingredients no need too much beating in this cake batter you can serve it as a very special cake /dessert so lets gets started eggs – 3 nos separate the egg yolks and egg white so i will explain how to bake in oven as well as in steamer/saucepan powdered sugar – 90 gm [ 6 tbsp ] 6 tbsp powdered sugar all purpose flour – 6 tbsp [ 90 gm] melted butter – 12 tbsp [ 90 gm] so lets start to make batter add powdered sugar little by little mix it well with whisk / spoon /beater whisk it until the sugar dissolved add the remaining sugar and beat well now it is mixed well add melted butter little by little and beat well beat well for 2 minutes vanilla essence – 1 tsp salt – 1 pinch lemon peels – 2 tsp it will give nice flavor mix it well now it is mixed well add all purpose flour little by little mix it well add remaining and mix well it is mixed well milk – 350 ml always use milk in room temperature add milk and mix it with batter now it is mixed well beat the egg white until it is frothy you can use egg beater also for this it is the correct consistency add beaten egg white to the batter gently mix it..no need to mix thoroughly..just fold it with the batter it is ready now take a baking tray use butter paper /grease it with butter add cake batter no need to tap it on the floor for removing air bubbles just level it so in microwave oven 150 degree for 45 minutes now we can see how to make in steamer add enough boiled water in the steamer for baking then place steamer lid then close it and preheat for 5 minutes in high flame saucepan also same method after preheating place the baking tray on top of it before placing cover the batter with aluminium foil you can use steel type lunch box instead of baking tray after make 2 air holes close it and bake in low flame 40 to 45 minutes now we can start to bake in microwave oven after preheating place the baking tray 150 degree for 40 minutes after 1/2 hour take out from the baking tray and refrigerate for 2 hours sprinkle some powdered sugar over that and keep refrigerated after 2 hours it has 3 layers sponge ,custard ,and fudge on bottom try it and share your feed back see you soon with another variety dish take care ….bye…bye