hi friends welcome to neethas tasteland i am neetha rajeev lets make a dessert today we make many types of desserts but today we are doing a payasam we are making a payasam that we can serve as a dessert we are going to make a pineapple payasam it is a very easy payasam we can eat it while is hot or cold cut the pineapple as small as we can sago is another important ingredient sago will make our payasam more tasty and thick after cooking the pineapple smash it a little bit we will be adding the milk after boiling it separately lets see how we can make the simple and easy pineapple payasam lets cook the pineapple first add enough water for the pineapple to be cooked we can saute it in water too if you want let it come to boil i have kept it on a high flame and it is boiling stir it well if we add the milk directly the milk will get spoiled we can cook the sago and add it if we want add the sago after it comes to a boil we should avoid using the center portion if the pineapple it will itch our throat stir it well until the sago is cooked our pineapple is almost cooked we can see that the sago is getting a transparent color we didn’t add any sugar to this add sugar let the sugar to melt add the milkmaid the milkmaid and pineapple should get mixed only we didn’t add any ghee to this we are only using it for frying the cashew i have cooked it for about 25 minutes let it boil we should only add milk after turning off the flame let it cool down for sometime stir it until it is cool add milk this is boiled milk after adding the milk mix it well check the thickness we won’t be cooking it on the flame anymore add some more milk we could use coconut milk too our pineapple payasam is ready it is more tasty if we serve it as a dessert everyone subscribe and press the bell icon everyone like,share,comment so lets see with another dish another day….bye!