hi welcome to Malabar kitchen today we can make soft ghee mysore pak take a well bottom pan /kadai turn on the flame…and make it hot add gram flour [ besan flour ] here am adding 1 cup of gram flour. 1 cup =200 ml roast the flour in low to medium flame for 5 minutes it will take only 4 to 5 minutes its color little bit changed[ golden yellow]..now the time to turn off the flame let it cool down sift the flour one time and keep it aside now we can make sugar syrup here i added 1 cup of sugar you can add up to 1 . 1/4 cup according to your taste water – 1/4 cup keep in low flame stir it well until the sugar gets completely dissolved in water it should have one string consistency like this it is ready now add gram flour mix it well stir it continuously when it is mixed well with sugar syrup time to add ghee add 2 tbsp of ghee always add little by little and mix well total we are using 1 cup of ghee now we can add remaining ghee little by little it should separate from the sauce pan it gets start to separate it is ready now now we can grease a tray with ghee…and pour the batter like this way leave it for 30 minutes after 30 minutes ghee Mysore pak is ready now it looks perfect here i got 5 slices of Mysore pak see you soon with another special taste…. take care …bye bye