Today is the day having some dessert like cake sounds like it’s a birthday though. So, if today is your birthday I guess there must be many ♪Happy Birthday♪ to you guys lol So, today I have… Twosome place (dessert & coffeehouse chain) and uh Krispy Kreme doughnuts This is Yogurt Whipped Cream Rose Cake This is… um this is Scoopable Tiramisu and Ice Box (name of that cake) And Strawberry rare cheesecake And these pieces of cakes here are Gruyère cheese mousse, Red velvet, NY Cheese Triple Chocolate Mousse, Classic gâteau, have these 5 different one today Now, these are what I got from Krispy Kreme here Monster ball and have pikachu right here and uh Chocolate iced glazed Caramel iced, Sugoar coated, New York Cheesecake Chocoholic Powdered Strawberry Cheese Glazed Sour Cream is.. oh wait. where is it? ???? O_O… Is this glaaazed..? this should be it’s not Omg Idk what is it? Where is my Glazed Sour Cream donut? Ohhh no way Did I just forget to get it? Guys, so glazed sour cream and Glazed chocolate cake are ahh I guess they just forgot That happens So, I already took these two away and I have a Grain Cream Bread and this is Peanut Cream Bread Well, it’s good for me then because I have less menu lol And I got this from GS convenience store It’s minions This is corn flavor milk and this is… Banana flavor milk They said it’s new product And this is a butter.. milk which is my favorite and this is Mint-chocolate milk Okay so, this is what I have today 🙂 Yum Yum! let’s begin then Thanks for waiting. I appreciate that Never mind, it’s understandable. I ordered too much. sometimes people just forget something Guys, please subscribe!! Oh and there’s a Squirtle Squirtle I couldn’t catch him 🙁 Later on I’m gonna catch him with this Master ball soon I will do it for sure Yeah, I just typed the menu from the receipt I got eww lilbit sad anyway, this rose cake Take a look There is some bling dot on the top This is kinda as soon as I poke I feel like it’s definitely not a soft type I think it’s like a heavy whipped cream Tbh, this is not just a regular whipped cream It’s Yogurt Whipped Cream good texture cream Due to the sprinkled strawberry powder on the top here good strawberry scent I can smell it Again, it’s Yogurt whipped cream fresh I got all of these milk from GS convenience store Banned word for speed mode? ah I got ya I will list the word ‘speed mode’ on the banned list one sec, I want this one bite. wow I really appreciate that for those of you guys who are watching my broadcast from abroad Someone told me that it’s good to call’em like ‘overseas’ On Instagram #Overseafans #Overseasfans Thank You 🙂 I’ve heard this is how to say ‘foreigner fans’ in English overseas ‘over’ means over sea is sea fans who over the sea I really really wanna say thank you 🙂 I’m gonna eat cake slowly since I have..a lot lol so the word ‘speed mode’ I already banned and next one is scoop-able one It’s called Ice Box I really like it This is kinda..just a cake but I can literally scoop this It’s so good and has lots of whipped cream That’s a point Look The bottom is made of cookies like this Oh lord I love this particularly this cookie one among scoop-able cake Why it’s not even banned yet? should be alright Idk anyway, even if you type ‘speed mode’ that doesn’t mean you can control the speed. no matter what and this is Strawberry rare cheesecake Wow this is really soft I mean really see very soft and fluffy that was little bit sticky though but this is really fluffy and even there’s some strawberry in the middle and the very last one is tiramisu ‘I’m wondering.. what’s the taste of monster ball and Pikachu?’ me too nah it’s not sponsored I just paid for all But not only these, although the price is confusing, $70 for all of Twosome place product I bought even more from Krispy so.. Idk Now, time to eat pikachu Pikka Chu! like this If you take a look at this pikachu here, there’s one hole seems like it’s for jam like.. It smells like a cheap one though like junk food look inside wait what’s this It’s really junk food like… I will just eat it up fast like… what is this…God I have no idea.. for real I feel like it’s something.. Orange or Mango, u know? or.. I think it has stronger taste of mango though and taste of banana as well But has strongest mango taste I can tell And more like a jam Oh, u know what? I got Pikachu with this ball. So the Pikachu is in here now lol That’s why he’s disappeared. For real. You feel better now by saying so, huh? But, obviously, I don’t taste banana flavor that much So, next piece of cake 🙂 But this is whipped cream too which is very fresh and good flavor This is what my mother’s favorite cake, actually Because it looks pretty. u know My mom likes rose And it’s so thick. It’s about $24 But it’s huge cake as you see This is Triple Chocolate Mousse cake from Twosome place as you see here There are 3 different layers of chocolate White chocolate Regular chocolate in the middle And dark chocolate at the bottom like this 3 different layers of chocolate Triple It’s just like all different kinds of chocolate taste “Banzz, I got 1st place in Taekwondo Competition. Please congratulate me!” wow, it’s really hard to get it because there are so many athletics out there Congratulations! And this one is Gruyère Cheese Mousse Gruyère Gruyère Cheese Mousse I guess it’s gonna taste like cheesecake because it says it’s a cheese mousse I go Seoul like everyday Wow it’s really like cream cheese flavor I think there’s some cheese called ‘Gruyère ‘ But Idk well One thing I know for sure it tastes like a cream cheese This is red velvet Red velvet is.. like Red velvet has it’s own flavor um Tbh, I don’t really like that much Because its texture is like dry and stiff So, tomorrow, I will go to seoul CJ’s… Food creators we’re going to meet up and Take a video, cook something, and things like that. So I will go there tomorrow as well This is Classic Gâteau like 100% stiffness. dryness. Classic Gâteau I think it will be good to have with Americano which I don’t have it now lol ohhh so dry I’m gonna try this “New” one It’s banana flavor milk 🙂 according to the counter at convenience store yeah this is so dry oh wow this is so strong um it’s like It’s stronger than the one from the brand ‘Bingre’ More intensed banana flavor little bit stronger taste and this is New York cheese By the way, do New Yorkers eat this a lot? New York Cheese? I prefer melted cheese cake just like this Otherwise, I don’t like it really hm it was…how much was it? $2? I don’t remember exactly… O_O; “Isn’t that just INSTANT banana flavor?” yeah of course it’s instant food flavor But It’s strongerrrrr than the one from domestic brand Now the next one is this one As you can see here, there is some almond in the middle It’s called… what was it? This is.. this is I guess it’s a grain cream bread and that one’s peanut cream bread I guess it’s literally grain cream “Minions bottled milk..” what? yeah it’s minions milk it’s that simple 🙂 Now we have like 5200 people participating video streaming All of them I mean it’s lil bit hard to communicate with every single person in this chatting room though I will try my best I mean really 🙂 *nom nom nom Is this peanut? I guess this is peanut Just crisped bread on both sides you know crisped bread and I think they just put some peanut cream inside Ohh I should’ve got this with Peanut butter shake from Shake’ Shake burger yesterday together “Oppa, I’m drawing your pictures now. I want to send it to you with some gift when it’s done Where should I mail it?” You can just mail it to my home yum yum~ it’s good Other youtubers often introduce what they’ve got from fans I want to take something like that video as well someday I’ve got lots of comments like saying “I want to give something to you” like gift even it’s a small one so I will just let you guys know my address for that soon wait a sec The best one is in my opinion ALL It’s ALL YUMMY every cake is yummy everything has its own flavor so Btw, I don’t really accept the gift like food or something edible because tbh someone sent me before she didn’t purposely do it but it was rotten due to bad weather I ate it anyway and had lil stomachache That’s why Although I really really appreciate that they cook something for me I’m not taking it anymore. sorry. I think this is good for your parent’s birthday cake Next one I’m going to have is yeahh this one u know it’s just a basic krispy kreme bread They they put some chocolate on it It’s “chocolate iced… glazed” No I don’t have something that particularly want to receive as a gift but just uh.. like my.. Portrait..or Painting of me or Character there are many people drawing me:) Oh lord this is so good. This must be yummy with this ingredients for sure. Thumb up Not only ‘Sung Sim Dang'(famous bakery) in daejeon city but also ‘Daddy’s dream’ bakery is awesome too That’s what I’ve heard And California Bakery is well known place as well There are lots of well-known places This is the most fluffy one among these Gruyère cheese mousse oops no no excuse me it’s not It’s a strawberry rare cheesecake this is like.. VERY soft Butter milk tastes like butter. I fall in love with butter recently Oh yeah before I forget the question I asked if you guys eat cheesecake when you go to NY I want to go NY to have cheesecake “What’s your NY trip for?” “just for Cheesecake” woah What a swag “Why do u go to japan?” “for sushi. U-don. That’s it” “What do you go for Italy?” “for pasta” I want to say it someday Why do you go L.A? to eat L.A ribs:) sorry go NY for New York cheesecake among scoop-able one I like this cookie one Tiramis…oh Idk I can’t pick just one When you ask me pick the most delicious one It’s really hard to pick just only one yeah this MTM is from ‘Normal core’ online shopping mall. I named it as bear mtm This a bear oh it looks like ‘Hagrid’ from Harry potter oh I gotta change it. It looks like little beggar like shabby u know yeah it’s heavy and warm cloth Now I call it ‘Hagrid clothes’ I like cookie, snack, and etc I like every kinds of dessert and this is lt’s almost same as before but has caramel on it “Show me tiramisu for one time plz” alright. I know u want vicarious satisfaction And since I saw your chat I will scoop one one scoop is not enough for everyone 🙂 We’re getting English subtitles for all of my video on Youtube now We postponed uploading videos lil bit because we want some english CC for it. “What should I do if it’s lagging and keep breakin’ up constantly?” why don’t you lower the quality a lil bit It’s 1080p now If you lower a little bit, then it should be fine one from Taiwan Oops. I’m sorry The message from Taiwan “Come to please Taiwan” If I go Taiwan Would you meet me? and introducing introduce myself.. let me… introduce myself no no that’s when I’m introducing myself uh..Can you take me ‘Yummy restaurant’? would you introduce me uh best restaurant? Ahh English is hard I have something in my brain But it just doesn’t come out thru mouth ahh it’s hard So now i’m watching U.S drama like just anything on TV I don’t even know the name of it It’s just hard ahhh i don’t know what to eat next then imma just eat NY. like a breaktime “Don’t do it then” Nope at least I should try I want to speak fluent “Please drink Denmark milk” ah this one? It’s mint-chocolate ouch I bit my tongue it’s bleeding So, the total price is… Idk exactly but Like approximately $80 Like lil bit less than $80 I guess Like just between $80 and $85 Okay so the video for Shack’shake burger I will just upload it after we get the Eng Sub in it yeah I like mint chocolate at some point I just like mint This one is.. I think it’s like somehow It looks like a street food donut maybe because of sugar on it Corn “Please drink butter milk. Idk how it tastes like. I’m a butter-lover.” Then I highly recommend this When I didn’t like butter, I hated this milk but It’s like If you like butter ? no? This is English guys You don’t need to say fancy and fluent just a little bit of gesture and body expression That’s enough. Isn’t it easy? huh? They just dilute butter with water It’s not that strong butter though But it’s still yummy like light butter flavor I can taste and in the United States in English They use abbreviation a lot too like Oh my god is OMG This is from Krispy Kreme called chocoholic Basically, Krispy kreme use crisped bread as a basic That’s why I like it Corn flavor and Butter milk It’s whole different taste Now we have like 4800-4900 people watching this If I play an ad now then some of them will be annoying because they want to see eating And they just skip it so I would rather playing an ad before and after eating show than during the video recording. What do you guys think? Please watch ads till the end 🙂 Do you know what ‘Orz’ means? Orz ?.? Oh that was just like Hagrid. so close lol isn’t it? Ohh this is really his clothes harry potter sorry.. anyway I will take ads break before and after eating show yeah I didn’t drink corn milk yet But I remember how it taste like back in the days. It’s just like a ‘Satto bab’ (korean snack) Some ppl say it’s a good idea The other says nahh no no no no no no “You must have ads break time with banner because You should make money on Youtube to work longer” wait.. how do we really make money on Youtube? I have noooo idea like. none. IDK ahhh I wanna ask now but it’s too late today. I will just keep eating 🙂 Was that the reason that I couldn’t make profit on youtube? because I didn’t play ads? I barely have ads break u know that Youtuber Librarian, he said he made it triple but I watched his too but Let me see one more time Ads for a sec guys:) Just kiddin’ If you like chocolate, triple chocolate is highly recommended No I don’t regret at all. I feel a lot better and confortable “I think ice box is too oily” If you think so, then drink americano with it lol alright then If you guys say so… then Can I just play one…time..? really..? If the chat window here is covered with all of the comments saying”take ads break!”, then I will play ads “Play it now” “yeah go ahead” If you guys type it like “yay” then I will play advertise video because I have your permission 🙂 I really appreciate that. Seriously. You guys worry about my financial situation 🙂 Thank you so much You guys spend your own time on watching video on the internet and you guys are saying i’m okay with ads. it’s so thanksful Alright I guest advertisement on air now 🙂 no worries! we’ll be back with you within few secs. legggoooo You know they can’t see it right I love it because strawberry jam’s in it. Thank you for watching advertisement:) But you know I really feel like..sorry to have ads break time.. you know? alright then can I play it one more? lol lolllollllol I know I will get used to it someday. no. Not everyone can see advertisement um.. I ate almost Oh and I have a quick question I wanna say thank you again for those of you who watched advertisement 🙂 what is this? It’s from Krispy Kreme powde..r..? choc…o..? caram..e..l? O_O;; Guess what~ um~it’s like a Streusel bread It’s like nutty taste ah give me a moment I took a picture of all the menu because I was lil bit confused ?.? Why is this NY cheesecake? I mean how? They said it’s NY cheesecake Why? How is that possible? I took some pictures over there Why do they call it NY Cheesecake? I mean red velvet is red velvet. No big difference why? why is that?idk I mean there’s some cream in it, I guess it’s NY cheese then “Taiwan has good donuts” ahh it’s alright we got chains in here oh yeah and I asked something before right “I will show you a good restaurant in Taiwan. Come” Send me a direct message thru instagram plz There is some sugar syrup on the top and bottom U know. lots of sugar here. I love it This is corn milk the one that minions is like this that’s the corn one because when you pronounce ‘corn’ in korean it looks like ‘O0O’ ‘Ok-susu’ (corn in korean) That’s how to pronounce it You guys should try it. say it ‘Ok- (O0O) susu’ If you guys are wathcing now, just do it. this is like satto-bab (korean snack) This is just like a satto-bab really If you pronounced it, please SUBSCRIBE 🙂 “Stop eating please!” what? It tastes like a satto-bab snack “Banzz, when are you going to eat Dunkin Donuts?” oh yeah you right but for some reason I’m not really attracted to dunkin donuts. because when I go there in the late night They don’t have that much. So I should go early but It’s just doesn’t work out. Timing. it matters. but soon. dunkin donut. Coffee & Donut Dunkin donuts I will go there to eat it soon with coffee 🙂 You eat cake because You want something nutty I haven’t tasted monsterball yet. So Idk I will eat this at the end I really want to give this to my sister so dry and stiffness I mean as long as I know, she likes it and nowadays she sent her baby pic too many thru family talk So cute ughh it’s chocolate powder wow unexpected choco powder. i feel bad here this tiramisu I knew there’s some choco powder but I didn’t really know that this also has it look at that What’s up with Jin Hyung? He just stopped by and left did some work together and talked about video shooting This office has really bad sound proof and If I buy a great performing mic and take asmr video, then It won’t be allowed because… all my neighborhoods…. nextdoor.. especially during the night u know.. It catches not only my eating sounds but also other sounds If i just buy it then due to the poor sound proof then all my neighbor’s sounds..nope.. is this raspberry? no I mean when the neighborhoods go to restroom flushing sounds itself bother why? what did you think?lol during the night.. ppl go to restroom u know ganache cake?? Isn’t that really dry and stiff one? I guess this is grain cream one oh no this is peanut cream oh no grain last one was peanut and this is grain Is this peanut one? guys I still taste peanut jam in grain donut But this is stronger obviously. Grain one is like little light version Peanut cream is really just strong peanu.. ugh.. STRONG PEANUT FLAVOR. yes Peanut You right. It’s hard to eat and check chats all at the same time Netherland? Idioms I studied recently What kind of food is famous in Netherlands? what kind of food meaning what kind of food famous famous In netherlands? So I feel like idk because of their national flag color Orange is only thing I know about them And Mr. Guus Hiddink. ah I got it so the only profit on youtube is.. just from playing ads. okay Guys, then I know it’s not all of them but some of you guys feel worry about it then can I play ads on a regular basis? like every 10 min or something on my own? is that okay? raspberry cake on my left hand side is.. strawberry yogurt rose cake Thank you so much 🙂 Thanks a lot is that too often if it’s every 5 to 10 min? 10 to 20min? “Of course, we must pay something for your broadcast” ohh no i’m not like a mainstream broadcast station Thanks anyways:) I mean yeah It would be good to make profit by doing so but The fact that there are many people here who are worrying about me that just makes me happy “At least you must make $80 today. That’s for cake.” “Just play ads!” Thank you thankyou “Banzz, you shouldn’t hold fork upward like that” oops why? Is it because holding fork upward like this makes food fall on the fork? is that why? “I want to watch Pork & Beef grill eating show!” actually I had Pork few days ago. So..I will pick BEEF 🙂 coming soon! I feel better because The ads will be on the screen for some of you. Not all Oh I want beef sooooooo bad now since I just had these cake.. Now I want beef TT Tbh, if I can, then I will just eat these cake and after closing, I will go out with cam and broadcast 2nd one at beef grill restaurant. seriously Yeah I know. It’s still low-quality resolution but still, I want to share it even by doing so But I gotta go Seoul tomorrow so I don’t have much time today “I just had a beef today lol” oh man..I envy you:) If I don’t go to seoul tomorrow then, I was gonna go 24/7 beef restaurant after this but.. “Banzz, my friend said he can literally see something greedy in your eyes” Well, he’s wrong. It’s not greed It’s called ‘PASSION’ Long time ago When I was in Afreeca TV platform I wanted to make money so I did whatever I could do at that time but then I realized that my show loses fun That’s why I don’t do such thing anymore. Never. “Hey, it’s going to be cold tomorrow. Stay warm!put on some jacket” Oh this is.. yo this is Hagrid sweater isn’t it enough? 🙂 Yes, Thank you for watching from the United States too!!! I feel like I just brushed my teeth lol “wth is greed. lol it’s just appetite desire for food lol” yeah it is lol appetite exactly. I can’t see the front part of it. I will just take this part first Isn’t that too sweet? yes it is sweet That’s why I love it 🙂 “Banzz why don’t you come to Eastern part of U.S?” Eastern part? like.. Washington? NY? are they in eastern part? So, L.A is in western part of U.S right? Las Vegas I wanna go Casino in Las Vegas lol If I go there and hit the jackpot? then I will just go staright to the Europe go to Italy right away, and will eat some pasta. I’m not even going to eat anything except pasta. seriously If I go to Italy I’mma eat past ONLY. But, if you go to europe like italy I’ve heard that their pasta is like little dry “Greetings from Guatemala!” Hello there! “Italy is well known for risotto” I feel like when we say risotto.. It just sounds like ‘uncooked rice’ to me That’s why I like it. because I can feel its texture What kind of pasta do you expect there SOMETHING BIG. u know Pasta is like.. The plates are huuuuuge like this but the actual pasta is just like this much Look. It’s just like this Huge plate like this much and pasta like this. that’s it. That’s all “Hello from U.S!” Hello from… S… K… South Korea S..K.. ahh that’s telecom company “Do you like Basil?” Yeah I love it German food Haxen. Oh I like it too Yeah I forgot. I go italy for pasta and and then go Germany for Haxen and then go U.K for better beer 🙂 WOW You know the green part of the rose cake on both sides of rose cake. That was green-tea powder! wow wow it’s so strong green tea flavor woah There’s some bitter taste I can tell yeah Czech? I don’t like alcohol I…. don’t like alcohol that much Sometimes I drink though It’s very bitter taste “Banzz, it’s time to take ads break!” yeah yeah. I’m still not getting used to this but I will play it even before you mention it:) little by little “Go india and have som Curry there!” heyy Comedian Jae-woo Kim I’ve heard he went to India right? Lol oh my yeah I’m following him on Instagram so It started from 3min instant curry oh wait no no not that one I guess it stared from wife-made curry and ended up going there It’s amazing “You ate them all! Now it’s time to take pikachu out from the ball!” Ohh thank you so much That person must be the one who is watching this from the very beginning 1-chon is for cyworld.(Old SNS platform) As you see here, monster ball has Whipped cream looking in the middle I will try it now to figure that out It can’t be whipped cream it’s too hard I guess it’s been a while since they made this If it’s fresh one, then whipped cream is soft but But u know as times goes on, it’s getting stiff and hard It’s solid. There is no jam inside but just uh.. Just basic krispy kreme donut and and they just put some white chocolate on it and whipped cream in the middle It tastes like strawberry I was waiting for this moment I was like what kinda jam in here? but…. But it tastes alright Although it tastes alright It’s not like what I expecting..u know like filled with decent amount of jam in it I thought strawberry jam is in there So like today, It’s very easy to clean up things:) I’m done 🙂 nope choco powder.. Anyway, so today dessert… I really enjoyed it so much Bye guys~~~ “It was too sweet and nutty. U want some Ramen? call?” nope. it’s not nutty at all to me lol Thank you for watching!
Have a great day!