I am back No. we should call her lady Begonia. Chuchu. Don’t tease at me. I am still the same Gu Begonia. We are still the good sisters. Lady Begonia. You marry a scar-faced man. What are you talking about? He is the eldest young master of family Lang. You think you have the place to speak? I am telling the truth. But I am very envious of you. Now your status is elevated so. I think you are envious of Begonia. Young master Yuexuan is over there. He is unmarried. But do you deserve him? Young master Yuexuan. What are you doing? Go back. Lady Begonia. Lady Begonia. Master Shang Don’t call me like this. We have no lady Begonia here. We have only the female worker Gu Begonia. You should tell me if you need anything. They have learnt the new rouge making process while you are away. So you don’t need to crash the schedule. You should learn something from Fanzhen. Try to keep up with them soon. Ok. Begonia Mohua Why are you here? Try my new dessert. I will leave you be. You are a rich lady, when did you learn to do this? I am bored. I can’t see you every day. Yuexuan always ignores me. So I keep myself occupied. Let’s go, let’s talk over there. Do you like it? Sweet. It melts in the mouth. Very good. I didn’t expect you would be so brilliant. Well, Begonia. After you are back to family Lang, we hardly have time to see each other. Now you work here. You really want to be the lady Begonia in family Lang down to earth? No. I am thinking how to leave family Lang. Then what do you think of? I still don’t know the specific method. Begonia No matter what you do I will support you. Mohua Thank you. Sometimes I really envy you. You could live a carefree life. Don’t mention it. I have concerns. I want to see Yuexuan. But he ignores me. How has he been doing recently? Pretty good. Happy-go-lucky. Begonia Don’t be angry with him. In order to apologize to you, he even risked his life. You still not touched? No. I can never guess what he is thinking about. Actually, I can’t either. But I love him for no good reason. There is nothing I could do. I thought he married you because he loves you. So he refused me. But now all is clear. Why is he still indifferent to me? I am thinking if I did something wrong. I saw a foreign movie. The proposal is romantic, very touching. So I came to realize all at once. What did you realize? I want to arrange one romantic and touching confession for him. Do you think Yuexuan will be touched? But Mohua If you do this, I am afraid that it will be counterproductive. I am worried, you will be hurt. So be it. I don’t care. I love him from the first time I see him. I am used to watching him. I want to be with him all the time. And Yuexuan is a chivalrous gentleman. He won’t hurt me. Even if he hurts me, I am willing to. Chivalrous? Yes. I know all about his childhood with Yueming. What he is doing is to pay off the debt he owes Yueming. I know he hurts you now. But I can see it he is trying to remedy it. Begonia Don’t angry with him. You should think of his injury, ok? Come These are all for you. I won’t influence your work. I need to devise a good plan. Bye. Well. For the confession, you need to keep the secret. You can’t be the intruder between us like the last time. Bye. Sister Begonia. You come to work for the first day. Anything upsets you? No. Why the long face? Fanzhen. Do you think Lang Yuexuan is a chivalrous gentleman? That depends on how you define the chivalrous. Chivalrous. He needs to be good to someone and keep the promise. He is trustworthy and is worthy being entrusted. Yes. So many girls want to entrust herselves to him, right? He appears glib. But he is very delicate. And he is good to the employees. He is a good boss. Sister Begonia. Previously you used to quarrel with young master Yuexuan. I thought you would be together. I didn’t expect you would marry the eldest young master. Eldest young master never goes out, how did you know each other? Maybe this is the God’s joke with us. Fanzhen, I will explain this to you another time. Ok. Sister Begonia. You are quite good know, my best wishes. I have something to do later. I won’t go back to the workshop in the afternoon. If anything, you should help me. Don’t worry, count on me. You should give the desserts to them. Ok Come and have a look. Have a look. Good pearls, pearls Miss. Pearls or corals? Look at our pearls My pearl shells are the best. You can take a look. Miss, you are a lady of taste. This is the best pearl shell It just comes to me from Nanyang. This is the authentic imported shell. Look at the color, and the luminosity. It’s so bright and shiny. Such a good collection. How much is it? It’s 30 coins. Can it be cheaper? 25 coins ok? I am afraid not. They are the best collections. Take it. I will buy it for this lady. Ok. Sir, you are so generous. Why are you here? I know your absenteeism in the afternoon. So I am here to catch you on the spot. I asked for the leave. I will repay the money for the shell after I get the pay. Why do you buy shells? I want to make a mask for Yueming. Mask with shells? According to Compendium of Materia Medica, shells can tranquilize the mind and soothe the nerves. Yueming’s dark mask is so depressing. I think he is not happy about it. So I want to give me a mask with this. It’s pleasing to the eye and it has the medicinal value. You are considerate. Why are you tracking me? My mom told me you would cure my brother’s face. Have you found the solution? Because before we treated my brother’s face. But in vain. Each time my brother has hopes. But we let my brother down over and over again. So my brother refuses to receive treatment again. This time I have tried so hard to check so many data. Just because I don’t want to see it go awry. Begonia I know you hate me for the marriage. So now no matter what you do I will do my best to help you. I only hope, you are good. If it’s true, will help me leave family Lang with Yueming’s divorce letter? You mean it? You can’t promise others so easily if you can’t make it. If you really want to help, you should find some herbs promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and nourishing skins. I can help you this. Tomorrow I will have it sent to the workshop. I have to go home now. Bye. Sister. Why are you back? Xiahe Where is mom? Mom helps Zhang with making clothes at the crossing. Mom has a bad memory, so you should keep a close eye on her. Sister. Mom enjoys great popularity, so many people know her. She won’t get lost, don’t worry. Xiahe. I will be very busy recently. You should take a good care of mom. Sister. So you think she is not my mom? What were you looking for? I am looking for some data. I need to find an ingredient added to enhance the efficacy of a dose of medicine. Mrs. Lang has promised me she would give me freedom if I could cure Yueming’s scar. Good to know they have some conscience. But now we have hope now. It’s not easy to cure his scar on the face. And this time is my only and last chance. I can only succeed, not fail! Sister I believe you, I have full confidence in you. It comes to me now. We have a Babai powder’s formula, right? Yes. The Babai powder used to be very popular in the palace. Because it can both whiten the skin and remove the freckles. At that time, dad made a concealer based on it. It’s called lotus cream. Unfortunately, this formula is a concealer with the effect of skin care. It can’t cure scars. And only dad knows the formula. So we should improve the formula. I have thought about it. But they are completely different concepts. Think. If we want to use Babai powder to remove the scar, we need more recipes. Well. I have read one book. There is a magical plant in the world, called Ice Crystal Kylin. According to the book, All the scars will be removed if we apply it on the skin. It could be recovered as before. So amazing? Why I haven’t heard of this plant before? I knew this accidentally from the book. I don’t know whether it exists in this world. So now I can only make the basic skin care for Yueming with Babai powder. The most important is I need to find the ingredient added to enhance the efficacy of a dose of medicine Sister. I will believe you again. You will make it. All right. Have a look. So great. I like it very much. Begonia. What’s it made up from? I polished it out of a shell. It is fresh and breathable, it’s friendly to skin. You don’t have to wear the black mask in the future. You won’t hide yourself in the dark. Thank you,Begonia. Actually you don’t have to do so much for me. I am so happy to see you everyday. I mean it. Don’t worry. I will take care of the mask. Well. Now you need to keep a good mood. Because when people are angry toxins will expand to the blood. It will affect the metabolism of the skin You should walk in the yard under the sunlight often. Have a good mood. I will make the recipe as soon as possible. to cure your face. Ok. Anyway, I will do as you say. I can smell your aroma of lotus and lily. My DIY sachet. If you like it, I can make you one. Yuexuan Sister in law. Are you busy? It’s ok. I am reading some data. You want to talk to me? Have a seat. Days ago you told me you liked the sachet. So I made some for you. Sister in law. We are of a family, why do you stand on scruples? Each of them has the different powders. It can match the clothes. And your scent will be different every day. But it’s so time-wasting. Actually it’s not very troublesome. But it’s inconvenient to put the powders in it. You are right. It’s not convenient to put some powders in it. First, the powder will be scattered. Second. The fragrance won’t last long. I think it will be no fragrance at night. If we put another thing in it? Sister in law. If we change the powder into the fragrant bead, what do you think of it? Fragrant beads? Yeah, beads. Fragrant beads are solid. And the fragrance could last long. It’s in the purse, it couldn’t be better. Sister in law, you really give me a very good inspiration. We will have beads of different fragrances. The purse will have different styles. It will be beautiful and portable. So we could have our own sachets. We won’t need the foreign perfume anymore. In the future, the girls will be fragrant if they have the fragrant beads in Kunyang Yuexuan You are very talented. Sister in law. Don’t praise me. You give me the inspiration. I will be proud after you praise me. Well, sister in law. You are good at painting and embroidery. You should help me with the purse design, ok? I will go to tell dad. So in the future we need your help for the design. I am happy to. I am afraid that I won’t help you. Don’t think like that. He should come out. Everybody… Calm down now. Calm down. I believe boss will give you an answer. We need the answer today. Hear me? Give us an answer. He need to come out. Excuse me. Excuse me. Young master We need an answer. Brother Pan. What happened? Ok. You are here. Let me ask you. We supply the goods for family Shi. But you rejected the goods and didn’t give the money. Yes… And the packaging we provide. Why did you reject the goods? You don’t know? We have given all the money on it. Yes. I tried so hard to take all the flowers from the mountains They are all rotten before cleaning and processing. Who will compensate me? Yes, who will compensate? We need an answer. Brothers. Don’t worry My dad is not here now. You should go back. I will help you ask him what’s going on. Then I give you a reply. Ok? I need to speak to boss Shi. Do you have the say? Do you have the say? Everyone. He is family Shi’s young master. He will give you a reply. Ok? Don’t worry, I will give you the reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding, brothers. You should go back now. -Well. I will give you another chance. If you still can’t give us a satisfactory answer, we will quit. Yes, quit. Thank you. You can go back now. Listen. Give me a reply as soon as possible Otherwise we will come again Ok. Shopkeeper Tan. What happened? Hua Jili’s order is too big. From funds to personnel, we can’t manage it. No. I need to tell my dad about this soon. Brother. Yuexuan Morning. You look so good today. Really? Yes. Have a good complexion. That’s because of Begonia’s attentive care. She tells me to come out and have a little exercise. See these green plants. It’s good for my face’s recovery and mood. Yes Begonia is very considerate. Yes She is trying hard to cure my face. Don’t worry, brother. I will help Begonia cure your face. But I have been worried recently. She stays with me because of compassion. If one day my face is cured, I will lose even her compassion. Do you think she will stay by my side? If I mean, if If she leaves, what will you do? I can’t imagine it. Eldest young master. Young master Yuexuan. Uncle Quan. What happened? Family Shi’s order is in trouble. It’s a good new. -Yes. Because of this big order, family Shi has some problems with the capital and personnel turnover. Now the suppliers are making troubles at his door. Does my dad know this? I think so. He went to the store early in the morning. Brother. I will go to see with uncle Quan. Ok. Boss Shi. You should find a way out. Now the outside is in chaos. If it goes like this, let alone the delivery, it will be difficult for you to produce goods. Comprador Hua. There is nothing I can do. I didn’t expect those unruly people are so difficult to cooperate with. How is it? Will they cooperate? They all say, they can’t. What should I do? What should I do with my contract? Don’t worry, comprador Hua. My dad will have a solution. Right, dad? What does he have? If he has a way out, he won’t sit here. Boss Shi. I think you can’t complete the order. I should cooperate with others. Otherwise no one can afford the loss. Don’t go… Calm down. Don’t go. No. Dad. I will get him back now. Enough. No need. Can you solve the problem if you chase him back? You should go to family Lang. Try to convince Lang Yuexuan and his dad. I want to know if they can take our order. I. -Maybe. we can redeem our loss. No. Dad. I stole the plan. Now you tell me to ask them to clean up the mess. Will they help me? You should use your brain. You and Lang Yuexuan are good brothers right? I… Boss Lang Yuexuan, you are here. Uncle Lang, Yuexuan. You two come here so solemnly, I can’t quite fit in. Yuexuan Don’t make fun of us here. You know why we are here. Uncle Lang. I’m wrong Only you can save us now. Yes, Boss Lang Master Lang. Savior Lang. I am here to ask you a favor. If I ruin the order, I will be too ashamed to go back. I won’t have Kunyang’s business in the future. Sit. You are too worried. Diwen is an ignorant child. How can I be angry with him? The benefit comes first in business. There is not right or wrong. For the rouge business in Kunyang, we don’t care whether it’s a large or small. We only care about balance. Once the balance is destroyed, it’s like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Uncle Lang. To be honest. The order is too big. Subcontracting cooperation is so complicated. We can’t reach every aspect of a matter. But now it’s out of our control. It drags us down day by day. Shortage of funds and hands. Now we can’t run the business properly. Diwen. How’s your dad recently? He. He is comforting the workers in the factory. Fatty. I hate to say this. Uncle Shi is old now. He needs to run around for your mistakes. You are such a troublemaker for your dad. Yes, you are right. Yuexuan. I know, you are still blaming me. I am wrong. It’s my fault Please forgive me and help my family. Yes, Boss Lang Now it’s not just about Shi Hanglu. All the rouge industries in Kunyang are involved. My ability sets my desire back. You signed the contract in chamber of commerce with boss Shi. You have all the attendees’ approval. Now he messed up all things, what can I do? Yuexuan You are so business-minded And, it’s your plan. You have the solution, I know it. Yuexuan. Please help us. What are your second and third plans? Dad. We should think about this matter in another aspect. If they ruin the order, I think not only his family will be influenced. I believe the reputation of the entire Kunyang will be influenced. So in the future people will not cooperate with Kungyang’s businessmen for the big order. Yes. Yuexuan is right. Easier said than done. What about the small commercial tenants? They will complain. Maybe they will make troubles. Dad. Think this way. We should continue to cooperate with the commercial tenants. But the regulations and rules should be detailed. We should have strict supervision and acceptance check, to reduce losses. But we need to guarantee the product’s quality. And the delivery time. I think we should raise another fund. And import some raw materials from outside. This is a two-pronged approach. It’s very promising to complete the order. Yuexuan You are the best business partner. Uncle Lang. I want to say sorry on behalf of my dad. I promise, this won’t happen again. Very well. Comprador Hua. I still have a request. From now on, our family will be your only supplier in Kunyang. Diwen, you should go to tell you dad. You need to give the goods you have produced in the early stage. Because the time is limited, we can just meet the deadline after we finish the remaining order. No problem, no problem. No problem. Very well. Happy cooperation. Thank you. Thank you, Yuexuan. Go. Go. We need to fulfill the hand-over procedure. Dad. Congratulations. We can’t be happy too early. You should implement the plan you just said now. Remember. It can’t go awry. Don’t worry. I am well-prepared. It’s a blessing in disguise The most important is to teach Shi Jizhou a lesson. Dad, you are here. Uncle Shi. I am here responsible for the handover. Yuexuan. Go back and tell you dad. Things like this won’t happen again. Uncle. Don’t say like that. In business, we should help each other. Right? If one day Lang Lichun is a trouble, we will need your help. Yuexuan. You need to check a batch. You should check it out. Another batch? Here. I need to invite my elementary schoolmate. And the seniors of the chamber of commerce. And? Xiaoyu. You can say it. I want to ask you. What is an established family with a large business? Much money, and have big companies. And very famous. How many households are there like this in Kunyang? Li Qinghe, Bleaching and Dyeing Workshop in the east of city. Boss Yang Liusheng, selling the sesame seeds in the south of the city Boss Wang Daxin, selling rice in the west of the city What are you doing? Dad. Dad, why you are here? Come, come in. Right on time. Come, sit down. What is it? So mysterious I want to ask you. If. I mean if. One day you meet a woman you love very very much.. What method would you use to get her? Nonsense. I value love. See I have so many women. They all follow me willingly. Mine is different from theirs. I mean is the lover you yearn day and night. You are so obsessed. But she keeps away from you. And ignores you. What will you do? Take it. I am serious. That’s not a joke. He will vanish if I kill him. You will be tortured if he is alive. Dad. Can you be serious? You know what I am annoyed at. Girl. Of course I know. You have tried your best. But things go athwart. He doesn’t love you like the way you love him. Or he loves someone else. You can’t push yourself hard. You should fire the gun at him, that’s the end of it. What are you talking about? We have no outsiders. You should tell me the truth For something, once you make your decision, don’t leave a way back to yourself. The retreat is saved for the regret. I never leave a way back to myself. So you should cut it off when necessary. Fair enough. After all, you have lived for so long. You are more experienced than me. The truth sounds harsh. Dad. Usually I misbeave in front you. But I respect you most. You stand on ceremony with me? Say it. What do you need? I want to ask you Do you know the reporters and proprieters of Kunyang newspaper? They are at my disposal. What happened? Great. Introduce them to me. I need their help. What? Look at you. You will know. Keep secret? Enough. You should go. Ok. Bye. Miss Mohua. Here is the largest and most famous restaurant in Kunyang. The boss is a foreigner. All the furnishings here are bought by the boss in travel. We also have cello here. You can name the music. What do you think of it? Pretty good. We will book here. Xiaoyu You should pay the deposit with the manager. Yes This way please. You can try this one. You are white, you look great on it. Miss So lovely How’s it going? You should caculate it. We can will complete it at this speed? We will finish in advance at this speed. Well. You need to check out the goods I take back from family Shi. See if the quality is ok. and you should count the quantity. Ok I will go to work now. Yuexuan Why are you here? Something wrong? I can’t come here if nothing is wrong? Bye. I have something for you. I will hold a party the day after tomorrow. I am here to invite you. This is an invitation. What party? You will know when you come. You must come. I will try. Begonia Have a little walk with me later. Ok Begonia What are you busy with recently? You have a big order? Yes, we have a big order. We are crashing the schedule. Some workers didn’t go home for several days. Nominally you are still lady Begonia. You don’t have to do it personally. Don’t push yourself too hard. I am fine. I really like doing these things. And the more I do, the more valuable I am. As long as you are happy. How about it? Look at my hairstyle. And the clothes. Am I looking good? I invited the designer for customization. So lovely. Actually today I am here to give you and Yuexuan the invitation. Invitation? I have told you. I will make a love confession to Yuexuan. I am well prepared now. I have made a block booking of the largest cafe in Kunyang. I invite all the fair ladies to witness our love. Mohua You really plan to confess to Yuexuan in such a grand occasion? Of course it is true. I sent out the invitation. I invite my classmates, friends, and relatives. and all the celebrities in Kunyang. They will show up. My dad told me. If you love someone or something, you should quit ot do it perfect. Mohua If. I mean if. If what? If Yuexuan declines you in front of everyone, what will you do? If he declines me, I will jump from here. Mohua. Are you crazy? Begonia. You know how much I love him. Yuexuan is the most important man in my life. I thought you two fall in love with each other. I lost my most beloved man and my best friend. I planned to die at that time. It’s good now God gives me another opportunity to purchase Yuexuan. So this time I must seize the opportunity. I will get Yuexuan. Begonia, I beg you. Help me. This time if Yuexuan declines me again, I will go to die for real. I mean it. Begonia, I beg you. Only you can help me. Ok? I beg you, Begonia. Say something. Yuexuan. I fall asleep. Why don’t sleep? It’s so late. Sit. What happened? Something wrong? I am here today. Because I want to talk about Mohua with you. Mohua What happened to Mohua? She is preparing a party recently. Do you have her invitation? Invitation. Almost forgot it. Correct I have it. But I won’t go. You won’t go. Why do you accept it? She gave me and I took it without thinking too much. And I am very busy with the workshop, I won’t have the time. Mohua spent a lot of thoughts for the party. She arranged all according to your preferences. If you don’t go She will be very sad She won’t. We are doing well since childhood. She won’t think too much. But she likes you from childhood. You are very important to her. Do you know this? I know I like her too She is like Qingqing. My sisters. I see her as my family. Yuexuan Mohua is serious this time. She told me She loves you Wants to marry you. She doesn’t want to leave you for her lifetime. I and Mohua. we are brother and sister. No love. And. You think I will marry her? But Mohua is losing her mind for you. I am afraid that she will do something stupid. But I can’t deceive her. So you can deceive me?