Hello its Kinoshita Yuka (English subs by ~Aphexx~)
(Font size color transparency 100% controlled by you) so today! tadaa I made a cold red bean porridge when you think of zenzai (red bean porridge) its got
a very Japanese-y feel to it so thats why I’m wearing a yukata originally I wanted to do this video during the summer
but all sorts of things happened and I was unable to shoot it
so that’s why I’m finally doing it today and its still a bit warm out and cold stuff is still
nice to have and also…
its got senbei rice crackers on it a while back I went to a senbei cracker shop
and they put together a product package for me and while I was waiting for that they offered
me a choice of cold or warm red bean porridge and so I asked for a cold red bean porridge
and since they were a senbei cracker shop it came with rice crackers in it
it was so yummy that I totally thought that I would need to give it a try when I got home
and so that’s why I made this today alrighty lets make……. well there’s not much to make here lol lets do it this is how its made
making cold red beans is super E-Z blend some bean paste into some water
it will be easier if you use hot/warm water at first K, this is what it looks like
now sprinkle salt to taste then as many bits of shiratama (mochi) as you like I added 1kg worth tadaa and now we add the senbei crackers to our
porridge doesn’t it look so KAWAII tadaa its all done
and the senbei crackers smell so wonderful this is including the weight of the dish but its
4.6kg I’ll be weighing this as I eat today
itadakimasu these crackers look so nice and KAWAII and its got proper bits of mochi balls I’ll start things off with this flower shaped one the saltiness of the cracker comes together with
the sweetness of the porridge making for a wonderful balance of flavors
and myself, I prefer a slightly moist cracker and I’m really loving how its sitting in here
and getting just a bit softer ~crackers are so hard~ and this is a mochi ball the crackers are totes delish they’ll make for a great topping anytime I also have a few leftover here
I’ll add them later warm red bean porridge is nice but this
cold version is a nice change the crackers are flavored with a mix of flavors
and one of them was curry flavored
it’s the first rendezvous between curry and sweet bean and including the dish we only have 3kg left I’ll add a few crackers ~dump em’ all in~ theres even a zarame (sugary) cracker in it
~I LUV zarame crackers~ these senbei crackers offer a variety of
fun and distinct textures there’s baked ones and fried ones
I feel that the baked ones have a crunchier feel to them ~they’re both very yummy~ last senbei cracker and now I’ll drink the rest ?its easy to drink from this dish? all done oh its blank again dang it the dish itself weighs 1.15kg
gochisosamadeshita the cold zenzai porridge was so yummy I totally recommend adding senbei crackers to it it makes a normal porridge way better zenzai porridge is usually served with salty ?kelp? and you can get that feel without using the
salty ?kelp? using something salty hot zenzai porridge is nice but since its still very
warm around here a cold dish is nice to have and so today I decided to make things
feel a bit more Japanese-y and wore a Yukata I thought that eating something so very Japanese
and wearing something like this would be a nice thing to do from time to time everyone won’t you all give this a try as well?
and thanks for watching if you want me to do something or eat something please tell me in the comment
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