for those who are not familiar with this
green fruit it is called Papa a tropical wild fruit native to the eastern United
States but you’re not going to find them in most of grocery stores partly because
they have very short shelf life so if you want to know how this fruit tastes
and how to find pawpaws of top quality or if you want to alternative ways of
consuming them this video is for you your star to notice Papa’s in early June
and they get mature by September and October a perfect lip ripe Papa should
have golden yellow flesh it has its strong aroma which is beyond description
the texture of pawpaw flesh is close to that of papaya and doreen it has almost
caramel like sweetness and tastes like baked sweet potato combined with papaya
banana and Peach there’s absolutely no hint of bitterness or tartness whatever
though over white Papa’s would develop the taste of alcohol as part of the
fermentation process module you are no matter where the bitterness is often
caused by oxidation and even when Papa’s are young they are not tart
they are planned and a bit stringent Papa’s are pretty easy to peel but
unless you’ve got a very ripe papa you may want to use a knife to remove the
green parts under the easily peelable scheme to get rid of possible expectancy
for those who enjoy tropical fruits are very sweet foods the pawpaw is perfect
except that it contains lots of seeds there seems no need way to eat a pop off
in the wild I eat them the same way as a gorilla eats banana or if you have a
spoon and hand I found placing the fruit on the side and scooping out the flesh
is relatively easy you may be warned against eating
Popoff’s that have already fallen to the ground but the fact is there’s just
dropped are the best thus the first place our check is the first floor not
the branches fine and keep those that are soft and are not yet attacked by
rodents in ends you can of course pick directly from trees or shake the tree to
dislodge ripe fruits this won’t be difficult as most pawpaw trees are quite
small but in most cases these fruits are not entirely ready this won’t be as
sweet as those they are just for the best way to tell the readiness and
healthiness of a Poppa is to take a sniff of a ripe paw Paw’s have a pretty
strong fruity floral fragrance if the smell is quite mild or belly there it’s
not ready if it smells even a bit sour it’s bad right gu hai thing you know by the way
do not take home Papa’s that are still pretty hard and without a fruity smell
chances are that they will turn bad before they get ripe if you find tons of Papa’s as I did you
may want to try Papa sorbet and milkshake and the bows are pretty easy
to make simply separate the flesh from the skin and the seeds with a spoon freeze the flesh for three to four hours
you will get the Poppa sorbet mix it with some milk and here comes
your shake paw Paw’s are so sweet so new sugar is
needed in both recipes yet I have to mention paw Paw’s are
easily oxidized the flesh will turn oranges and the taste become bitter
although some whole fat milk recover the bitterness alright I hope you enjoy the
video and find remaining paw Paw’s see you in the next video cutting that Cahuenga