Left-hand lane towards Yonabaru. Today it’s raining a bit, and the wind is picking up. Today we’re going to have breakfast at ‘Detox cafe felicidad.’ Vegan baked cakes (reading off the sign). Your body will delight in our food, detox cafe (reading off the window). Welcome! So for today’s breakfast You can put some of this salad into a bowl And then you’re free to add whatever toppings you like. And here we have some salad dressing which you can add as well And we also have a variety of coffees and herb teas that you can choose from. So you start from here? Yes that’s right. You start here — Ah yes I see I’m afraid I’m not entirely sure what’s in today’s dressing, do you mind if quickly go and find out? Yes of course, no problem. So the dressing is made from homemade miso and mustard And we add some maple syrup as well. And here we have jam made from dragon fruit Dragon fruit? — That’s right And here we have red beans. Ah, here’s the yoghurt. It’s made from fermented soy milk with brown rice. It’s got sort of a light, fluffy texture. Ah, I can’t really see you behind there You want me in the frame? — Yes please — Really?! — Yes please! What am I going to do? You don’t need to be on camera if you don’t want to. I’m a bit camera shy. Just pretend there isn’t a camera. Ah you’re a little bit hidden behind that plant. If you wouldn’t mind moving forward just a little bit. Uhm, so on the top row we have gluten free cakes These are made from rice flour, soy flour and almond flour And instead of using dairy products we’ve made them using coconut milk. The cakes down here were made using spelt wheat flour. This is the gluten free section. I’ve still got a few more varieties to bring out I’m just bringing them out bit by bit. No problem. Sorry I’m really camera shy! This is Asazumi bread (bread made from hemp charcoal) Soy milk yoghurt And salad. Thank you for coming! — The food was great, thank you! This looks like Vivre, Okinawa vegan sweet shop. Welcome! Hello! Ah there’s cookies, lots of cookies for sale. Is everything gluten free? Depending on the cake? Generally speaking there all vegan too. Muffins. Our recommendation is these limited edition muffins for the vegan festival. Those special vegan muffins were made from naturally cultivated Taimo yams which are in season at the moment. Here we have vegan chinsuko (a traditional Okinawan cake). It’s usually made with lard, but… This? — That’s it. This is made without lard? It’s made using sesame oil rather than lard. We add an Okinawan leaf called Getto It’s seasonal? It’s usually a cake made in spring but we made it specially for the vegan festival. Our Awamori sake cookies are also very popular. These? — Yes. Do you also sell drinks? Yes we do, we make them over there and the menu is just up here. Our recommendation is the drinks we make them from fermented seasonal fruits. What’s the best for this time of the year? We’ve just opened the juices from summer. Things like plums? Yes, plums and pineapple. The jars that are lined up over there? This one is winter melon, kyoho grapes and spices And this one is guava. It’s mixed with sparkling water. Which would you like? Which were they again? — This one is guava, and this one is winter melon Oh, I’m have the winter melon please. Thank you for the drinks! This is delicious. The winter melon doesn’t have much taste So it probably doesn’t taste too much like winter melon. Next we’re going to go to Yachimun But first let’s have a quick break at ‘Green Leaf.’ Seems as though the choice of menu has increased. Mixed grain red bean soup (reading off the board) Lots of organic vegetables for sale. Brown Sugar 1st Are now selling popcorn. That’s news to me. Pitaya bowl and Taco rice? — Half size Ah, there’s a cat! Puss puss Hello — Hello! Is this your cat? Yes, this is where he settled down. So cute! Here is A workshop by the name of Jikkaku. Oh hello there! Oh so you’ve met Tora-kun. He’s very friendly! Is it ok if we go in here? — Please, come on in! Should we take off our shoes? — No, don’t worry. I always go barefoot. After this you’ll be going to Naha right? You’re going to Okuhara glass? — Yes. Brings back memories seeing a pottery wheel in action. I heard you do a bit of pottery yourself? I used to, but recently I haven’t done any at all. Ah right. I hope I’m not spilling the secrets of your craft by filming you! No no, no need to worry about that! Now I’m going to make the base. So this will be a mug? — That’s right. You’re so quick at carving! Well I’m basically mass producing them. Are you able to tell when they are ready by tapping them? Uhm, well yes, generally. Have you ever broken any whilst tapping on them? — No, but I have whilst scraping them. Sometimes I scrape away too much and end up putting a hole in it. But only rarely? — That’s it. Making Shirogesho (white-coloured porcelain bowls) seems to be very difficult. Well actually the first job I did was making Okinawan pottery Where I learned to make Shirogesho. Although I’ve also learned to do unglazed pottery in my own way Shirogesho is what I’ve been taught. I feel like I’m carrying that on now. Ah I see. Pottery is hard work! For us It’s fine to do our training here and then work here too, but Talking to those that went back to the mainland of Japan They have to start everything from scratch. The clay The glazes — Its compatiability You can’t get your preferred colour. When I talk to them on the phone it sounds like they’re having a really tough time. So I really have a lot of respect for those people It’s amazing what they are able to achieve, it goes way beyond what we’re doing. It’s so well established in Okinawa. The amount of effort needed to make just one plate is extraordinary. The process? Yes absolutely. When customers buy a piece of pottery they often say that’s it’s very expensive. But for the work that goes in it’s actually really cheap! I think you should be able to sell one plate for 10,000 yen. Yes, in Okinawa The prices are fairly low. Exactly, the art shops Sell the wares for a really low price. Shops in Tokyo Are twice as expensive. It would be good if prices overall would increase a bit. Wow, it’s a skull! Gorillas. The coffee cups are cute. I’ve got some drinks for you. Ah, did you eat before? — No that’s fine, I can eat again There’s some cookies here too from the sweet shop. — Thank you very much. Where did Koto go? He’s outside at the moment. Koto, there’s coffee here for you. Whenever the customers come so does Tora-kun (the cat). He follows the customers? — That’s right. If I’m working by myself the cat doesn’t come But if my partner comes in the the cat follows! He’d never do that to me. I’d like to buy these. Thank you very much! I’ll wrap them up for you. Bye bye. Right, so on to Naha. Saborami (reading off the sign). Vegetarian keema curry (reading off the menu). Vegan-friendly. Potato soup. Starter. Veggie keema curry. Soy milk chai latte. Caramel nuts. Thank you for the food!