– Where is it? – here – Pluck, or cut, that’s the question. – 100% Blewit. – Right, very typical. – Dirty, let me clean it a bit. – got two already. – It’s November, can’t believe there’s still chicken of the woods. – camouflage – Is this a conifer? – No, definitely not. – definitely not? okay. – You can tell from its bark. – are you a dripping Guanyin or something? – Hiding here. – Berkeley’s Polypore, if I got it right. – You got it right. – should be a honey. – Really? but it got the cortina (rather than an annulus/ring) – This is what you call mushroom hunting. – See the worm? – Perfect. Clean & fresh. – Indeed. – Wow we got a whole family here. – More underneath. Where shall I start. – very dry, great. – What’s going on here. what’s wrong with you? – see, fits in really well. – True. ah it’s so dry. – and this one not quite so! – Don’t you want to get the other one? – Emm too small, plus that’s an entoloma. – All babies! – Babies! – Newborns!