Here we have a Nice Black staining polypore. I believe it’s already Past its prime as you can See some parts of It the mushroom has already been eaten away by bugs. The Other parts are still fresh. so people call It black staining polypore Because you see on the edge of the cap you see these are staining Black. If You cut the Mushroom a Little Bit It doesn’t stain Black instinct instantly but as time Goes By You’ll see these bruises, will Turn Black and That’s one distinctive feature of This Kind of Mushroom so what is interesting is that Right Next to the back staining polypore, i found some very fresh, young, hen of the woods. Still Very Fresh and Young The first find in 2017 And Clearly Someone Has Already Before me has Already come here has Already come here because you Can See These Mushroom has Been cut away By Some Guys Obviously AnyWay i think i’m gonna take this Mushroom home Alright Check This Out we Found another hand of The woods So it’s not as colorful as Chicken of The Woods but it’s much Much Better Than Chicken of woods i think This One Is Kind of old but i can still save some of them All right Here we Have another One Check This out. All right You can See some ants are crawling in and out It’s already Been have Been the home for Many Insects i believe so when You harvest the hen of The words One Thing you don’t want to do is to pull the pull the mushroom out completely because you’ll hurt the root and Mycelium of the Mushroom so what You do is to use a small knife to cut the root of the mushroom gently okay and You can see it’s a Little Bit dirty and you can Very Briefly Clean some Dirts off Now here we find another One This one iS more complete more Big much bigger and much Nicer and If you see you see here this is a Very small small one i think it’s still growing and we Will let It Grow and Probably Will come back Later another day to harvest this one but now we won’t take-home take back home this one? Harvest alright Here we have it Look Like We Have some jack o lantern here Right Next to the jack o lantern and is another piece of hen-of-The-Woods These are some Hedgehog Mushrooms but obviously They have already Past the prime? so I’m gonna let It let It go