Hello, my dear cocoballs Today, I’ll put all kinds of Oreo cookies and Oreo O’s together and make cookie soup Oreo thins tiramisu and Oreo thins Vanilla Mousse Oreo golden and Oreo mild sweet Oreo chocolate cream Oreo strawberry cream and Oreo salted caramel I’ll just taste them before I pour milk. Oreo thins tiramisu So yummy, seriously Wow, it tastes like real strawberry I just pour in mike just a little bit I don’t like soggy At first, I put a little milk in it, but it’s delicious even if it becomes soggy Strangely Oreo O’s don’t get soggy in milk, but they’re still good Oreo thins become soggy faster…. I have to eat it real fast. It becomes almost porridge It’s best when it’s a little wet in milk than it’s completely damp I’ve never tasted Oreo O’s (cereal) before, but it’s still crispy! It’s not soggy Oreo cookies get soggy so quickly, so it’s better to eat it with milk Crispy is my individual taste…. I’ve enjoyed the food today as well!