nice to meet you. Cocoball, everyone. Today we prepared the 2nd Gangneung Dolce Terrier. I have 9 kinds of bread The drink is water. I will enjoy this food. I’ll eat the bread in the microwave in the back for 10 seconds “I can afford it.” Persimmon bread can be made. The bread ingredients are potatoes, carrots, corn and cheese. Basil tomato cheese bread There are basil pesto, sausages, roasted tomatoes and mozzarella cheese in the bread This is like “You like garlic corn bread” There’s whole garlic in the bread Spicy! It contains mashed sweet potatoes and garlic Spicy and so delicious Cinnamon Chestnut Bread There’s plenty of chestnut in the bread The cinnamon tastes great. Hotteok flavor Inked Cheese Bread It’s so delicious because the bread is heated in the microwave Hot Dog Bread There’s cheese, sausage and jalapeno in the bread The sausage is tangle “This winter is sweet potato bread” Roasted sweet potatoes. The sweet potato is in the bread It looks like green tea cream The bread is very heavy The bread is chewy and the green tea is bitter How can green tea be filled in bread like this? Raw chocolate bread It’s warming up and the chocolate is melting Delicious chocolate It’s all delicious so you can’t rank it! Best! Miso and chili mayo sauce It’s not like I’m eating green tea bread Whole garlic! I like garlic very much This bread is the hottest of the nine I warmed the last chocolate bread for 30 seconds I’m sorry about the remaining chocolate It was so delicious. I ate well today!