Hello, I’m Mukderella Today, I’m going to eat Watermelon dessert Let’s begin Angelinus Watermelon Cake It tastes more like cream cheese than watermelon Green bread is just bread It smells like watermelon Watermelon crush Have a strong taste of watermelon Sunflower chocolate is chew It’s a green tea macaron I prepared red and green macaron
because there was no watermelon macaron It’s soft. It’s delicious This is Red Velvet Macaron Cream cheese is delicious! Watermelon jelly It’s sweet and chew I put in aloe toppings, and it’s delicious Watermelon bar ice cream It’s actually a cake It’s a cake made of white chocolate It’s like white chocolate cake. It’s really chewy It’s a watermelon cake from CU convenience store It’s not like watermelon flavor of watermelon It’s like cream bread The Angelinus is more delicious Thank you for watching my video Please Subscribe♥