Hello Cocoballs! Today, I have baked goods from Andong Mammoth Bakery, which is one of the top 3 best bakeries in Korea. I didn’t go there myself but my dad picked these up on the way back from his visit to Andong. He has even kept the receipt for me. But the receipt is not just for these items for my mukbang so if you look at it, you’ll be able to see all the items he bought today. This bakery is famous for its cream cheese buns. You could say it’s their signature item. I have heard that people usually go there to get this (I didn’t know my dad to wait in line to get them!). I have THREE of their signature cream cheese buns! I have THREE of their signature cream cheese buns! I have ten items in total like so and I’ll be drinking coffee. Let’s get started! I’ll have to start off with the signature cream cheese bun. I’ll have to start off with the signature cream cheese bun. I would say that their buns are generally small in size. Smaller than other buns I have had before. As you can see, they are small enough to fit in one hand. It costs KRW 2,300. Ah! I think I can understand why these are so popular. The outside feels slightly different from regular chewy bun texture. It’s not super thin and chewy but slightly thicker but still with a nice chew. There’s always a good reason when something is popular! Custard cream bun. I think it is just a regular custard cream bun. It looks like regular custard cream. It is definitely small 🙂 This costs KRW 1,800. Sweet red bean bun. Looks like a typical red bean bun. This costs KRW 1,800 as well. (Notices that lighting in the middle is not turned on) (Contemplates whether to turn it on now) (Contemplates whether to turn it on now) ( I ended up turning it on 😂) Fig tart. Theres so much fig in here! Oh this tart tastes so good! I think it tastes so soft and nice because the base is really thin. Walnut caramel danish. Bread like this tastes the best when you pull it apart with your hands. Yum! It is topped with candied walnut pieces so it tastes sweet and nutty. I totally understand why this is most popular. This tastes so good, the cream cheese bun. You MUST try the signature item no matter which bakery you go to. It just tastes the best! Cherry danish. I don’t think I’m a huge fan of Bread that is flavoured with fruit. My personal preference. Even though, this one is just topped with fruit. The cherry flavour is so overpowering that I can’t taste the custard cream at all. I think this one is ‘poire’. Danish pistachiosho. There’s chocolate in here as well. The black thing in the middle is chocolate. Mmm! (Epiphany) I said the name wrong! It’s not ‘Danish pistachiosho’. I think it is supposed to be Danish pistachio chocolat. That’s why there’s chocolate in it. I might be wrong though. My favourite for today is the cream cheese bun! It’s really really good! I think the cream cheese bun tasted the best. Other items were delicious too but I don’t really like bread that contains fruit. So I liked everything other than the ones containing fruit. Thank you for watching today!