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EP05. It tastes best when you eat this sort of food with wines. We’ve known about classic wine mariage, there are all its own reasons. because the reasons have been to learn from experiences for ages. So I don’t think it’s bad to follow that way. I’ve preferred to choose wine
as a food-like feeling according to the wine mariage I mean if it’s rich sour taste, I’ve chosen a wine to be sour. And whether there are dishes such as salad
or asparagus, which is mainly vegetables. Or there are some ingredients that taste a bitter, I’ve tended to choose a wine that kind of feelings For instance, I would have chosen Muscat or Sauvignon Blanc
in Alsace which it could be felt smelling like plants I’ve chosen wines this way. As well as that, it’s the same way to choose dessert. People used to ask me for wines
that make the perfect pair with dessert In my opinion, sort of sweet desserts
and dry wines wouldn’t be a good pairing. The reason is that makes you feel the wines more drier. So I’d like to recommend the sort of wines that taste sweet
and mellow pair best with sweet desserts such as sauternes, riesling with taste sweet
and port wine that unfermented grapes, and so on. When you want wine pair best with homemade food, I don’t think you need to be complicated. Because I think the best wine mariage is simple. If there’s a light red wine in your house, you could try adding the red wine with a little taste sour
to grilled pork bellies. I’ve usually preferred to pair like that. Because the sour taste of red wine
makes cut down the greasy taste of the deep grilled pork belly, so you could enjoy the comfort and tasty dishes. As well as, if you would add
such as potato puree homemade to that you could feel another kind of texture easily. The case of fried foods
that you’ve usually eaten in Korea, it would be a good pair with sparkling white wine dried. That’s due to the carbonic acid of the wine to increase the fresh taste
so that it can reduce the taste of greasy in fried foods. Here’s fish carpaccio, with so much various ingredients inside. In details, that has been made with ingredients
of fish roe, citrus fruits, wasabi. Also, it smells rich lemon flavors, many of citrus fruits
and that has been cooked with ciboulette. One more thing, I can feel the texture of fish. There’s a very dry, rich sour flavor white wine in Loire. Because the wine has strong lemon flavors, so I think the sort of raw fish and the wine would be pretty good pairing. The reason is that It would blend in with the sour taste of the wine
and the sour taste of the tangerines in the dish. And it can be added freshness to the fish carpaccio. At the same time, it makes mouthfeel fresh. I think it was put with much of herb
and it might be put with coriander flower. Coriander flower smells plenty of strong flavours of plant. It’s really good to have with this wine.
It tastes perfect. This is a ravioli dish cooked with paprika sauce. I think red wine would make a good matching with the dish,
among them, I’d like to choose the light red wine with rich taste sour. The wine was made with varieties of Cabernet Franc and also with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot. The Cabernet Franc has the scent
and the taste that reminds me of paprika all the time. There’s a lot of cheese in this dish.
I believe it was put ricotta cheese in this ravioli. And also paprika taste is pretty strong. This dish is delicious as well,
but I think the wine is a bit stronger than the ravioli. The cheese taste is strong,
so I think it would be better to have a bit lighter wine. Due to cooking in Korea,
it could be put a little bit of red pepper. But that’s not a bad matching with Cabernet Franc wines. I think it would be better a little lighter red wines
or rather dry rosé wines. That’s okay, though.
It tastes good due to the good pairing. This is the Duck leg confit. That’s a traditional dish of the South West in France. I chose the wine in order to be a good matching
with the dish that made in the same region. The wine produced from Bordeaux. And the wine was made with the varieties of Cabernet Franc,
Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon Duck legs tend to be much greasy. Particularly, it got to be much more greasy
when the dish was made with like this cooking method of boil down. So the wine that can be felt tannin
and that kind of dish would be a good pair. And it would be good the wine with taste sour
to cut down the greasy taste of the duck. All of the natural wines could be matched with every kind of food. I think natural wines would be better fit
for various foods than regular wines because natural wines can be much more digestible
and easy to drink. So I’ve recommended natural wines and foods to guests at the bar of my workplace. That means natural wines could be paired with various foods. People used to ask me for wines
that pair best with cheeses at times. It has usually been added red wine to cheese in France. I don’t want to recommend that in particular. Because most cheese tastes better with white wine. If it’s ordinary cheese that you’ve usually eaten you choose a white wine with taste as strong,
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