Honey, wouldn’t it be better to stop eating? But it is so delicious Of coure it would be delicious They are selling it because it is delicious No, I don’t want to eat it Why aren’t you eating food given from me who you love? No, it is not like that It is really delicious Honey, I told you. Listen. Eat first I love watching you eat. I really enjoy watching you eat. Listen to me Try this. It smells like coconut. Isn’t this snack a coconut snack? Coconut doesn’t make you fat Tropical fruits won’t make you gain weight~!! I will give you the other side. Don’t use your strength, I’m tired. Listen to me. Why are you eating this? You are eating this because it is delicous, right? No. I’m eating this because it is a viewer’s love. Yes?? Why aren’t you eating this honey? No,,, I will just eat… Honey!! There is always someone like this who push food so that making me eating more than I wanted Honey, you have to eat a lot. How much do you love our viewers? Are you grateful to Wang-yi daddy(viewer who sent this snacks) or not? I’m really~~~~~~~grate ful to Wang-yi daddy Then you have to eat with big bite, right? I will eat it. So don’t force me. Give it to me. viewer: wrong love.