Put 5g of gelatin to 25ml of water and leave it for 10 minutes. Mix 50g of cream cheese, 100g of plain yogurt, and 70ml of sweetened heavy cream (50% whipped). Add 40g of sugar powder and mix. Melt the gelatin with microwave for 10 seconds and mix with #3. Separate mousse batter in 5 different bowls and make gradation with them. (There’s gelatin in there so it might get hardened while mixing them. You can melt the mixture again by cooking in double boiler.) Spread vegetable oil in the mold. Add the mousse batter from lightest to strongest. You can mix the middle part with spoon gently by making more natural gradation. Freeze it in the freezer for 2 hours and separate it from the mold. Place digestive cookies in the bowl and top with mousse cake. Spread starch syrup to give glow. You don’t have to put it too much. Spread a thin layer over it. Decorate it with blue curacao syrup. (If you don’t have one, mix starch syrup and food coloring) Little Mermaid theme dessert is done! It tastes like yogurt mousse!:) It’s sour and nutty~!