Hello today’s food We prepared 3 fresh cream bean bread. I prepared a chocolate scone. When I ate last time I ate the fresh cream red bean bread I prepared once more. I prepared Chocoscon. The bread is huge Then I’ll eat well. Besides this popular kind of ideal shop There are many different breads. Fresh cream Besides the popular types, pizza bread, baguettes, Garlic Bread Cream Cheese Baguette, Later, try those breads I’m going to put it in a video. The advantage here is that the bread is really big. It’s really big. I had a fresh cream red bean bread. It’s really delicious. I recommend. If you like fresh cream, you will love it. Fresh cream just burst out If you try it, you’ll know if it’s ranked second in this bakery. Chokoscones I can’t eat very dense It was hard to swallow. Besides these breads, I’m going to try various breads. If you get a chance, I will put the breads on display. I ate well today.