Hello, my dear cocoballs~~ I’ve prepared 21 macaroons today! I bought them from Julysecond* in Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea.
*A dessert cafe Total 7 kinds~ There are 21 with three each. There were seven kinds of macaroons today. The price is 48,000 won*.
*40 dollars Drink is coffee~ I’m enjoying now~ (So colorful!)
First, fresh strawberry yogurt~ I need to eat macaroons quickly! (Thumb up!) Wow… It’s the most delicious macaroon I’ve eaten recently. The coque is really really sticky. Fresh blueberry yogurt! Injeolmi!*
*Rice cake coated with bean flour (Bread crumbs…!) Earl Grey!! (Cheating) (Dark chocolatt!) So yummy..! So chewy Salted Caramel! Yellow Cheese! (Cleared one line) It’s yogurt, so it tastes fresh. (Pause) It’s not common chocolate taste. It tastes like real dark chocolate! I love it. :,D This place went viral, so I went. It’s really good as I heard!!! I think the ranking in here will depend on the individual taste! I’m ranking them in order here, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. But macaroons change every day. I’ll save the best macaroon for later! ((Personal preference) From ranked #7~) And I don’t think it’s sweet that much. If you keep eating macaroons, it’s too sweet, right? …How many did I eat? I didn’t think it was too sweet while I was eating! As expected, I gotta have macaroons periodically. Heh heh (It’s gone. Sad..) I’ve enjoyed today as well! 🙂