Wow, what is that? So cool! *Rebirth of pre-packaged food?! *The famous Triangle Kimbap *Utilizing everything to their fullest potential *Combination of Chicken and Cream Pasta! I’ve prepared local food recipe It’s awkward because I’m alone Hello everyone! I am in front of my local convenience store I am going to buy out the store! *Time to sweep the store I really enjoy shopping at a convenience store I usually stay and shop for around 30~40 minutes here *This is a convenience store, not a market.. You can’t forget about the fire chicken noodles *Will purchase at least 2 of every item she picks Milk is going to be our main ingredient These soft-boiled eggs are delicious String cheese! You can’t forget about the Triangle Kimbap I’ve recently been obsessed with these I think I’m going to need 1 more basket *Jollypong Definitely cannot forget about my plum juice They’re doing a buy 2 get 1 free event! Biggest size of ice cream *2 baskets are full now They’re heavy… There’s a reason why I went and bought all this stuff from the convenience store I was also like this before too The young people do not like to drink milk that much You guys throw away the milk that’s distributed from the schools I have heard that it’s gotten so much worse these days These youngsters are not drinking milk I’m going to make delicious meals using milk Let’s go and eat them So heavy! *Prepping to cook Our first meal is going to be “The chicken that fell inside milk” It’s a chicken porridge with milk Separate the broth and the chicken using a strainer Why is it not coming out!? There’s so much more inside. It’s coming out non-stop *All this food from 2 packages Put the broth inside and pour the milk Wow that’s so cool! i’m sorry.. Sounded like an explosion This is the perilla powder Put about 6~7 big spoonfuls Stir it up Oh right, I forgot.. I’m so dumb! I have to debone the chicken Put the chicken meat inside after deboning Chunk of leg meat *1 extra bowl of rice because Tzuyang eats a lot *Keeping her distance Milk? Chicken Porridge? I like the color *Put black pepper and salt to fit your taste Oops, was that too much? Hot *Finds bone. Fail debone I’m going to put more salt. It’s darker than the normal chicken porridge Probably because of the milk and the perilla powder I’ll go ahead and give it a taste now. Bon Appetit! It’s really different from a normal chicken porridge It’s a lot more nutty and savory than the normal porridge The kids will love it It tastes so good! Very soft The porridge is super soft Top it off with Kimchi A dish that is made like this already exists I thought milk with porridge was a bit weird, but it’s a common dish They put milk inside pumpkin porridge Tarak porridge is literally rice with milk I’ll eat it quickly. I usually love eating chicken porridge, but it’s my first time eating something like this That was 2 porridge packages with extra bowl of rice so… That meal was 2.5 servings? Cleared! Our next menu, spicy rice cake risotto I’m going to make a spicy rice cake risotto It’s cool right? It’ll turn into a risotto *It’s something out of the ordinary.. Where is the line on this thing? *Pour warm milk *Put the spicy rice cake sauce and the triangle kimbap *Rip and top up with string cheese I put in 4 string cheese Microwave for about 2 minutes and 40 seconds I think I’ve done a good job Check the color out! It’s rosé *Cheese party! It tastes good It looked weird tbh, I thought I had to microwave it more, It’s delicious If you look in the back of the cheese packaging, It’s written K-Milk This means that this cheese is made with Korean milk *This is the emblem that indicates that the milk is domestically produced (Made in Korea) *Let’s continue eating the risotto I can’t cut the cheese It tastes like the Spicy Rice Cake that are sold in restaurants but much more creamy I think the milk gives it a much more rich taste in the dish Cleared Our next menu is the Carbonara Spaghetti I will add in some milk and microwave it for 30 seconds Look how small the noodles are. I can eat this in 1 bite.. *Put the noodles, sauce, and warm milk And we microwave this for another 3 minutes This is fried chicken Put the chicken when there’s about 30 seconds left on the microwave This looks scrumptious.. There’s not a single soul that won’t like this Yummy Rather than eating failed pasta at restaurants, You know how sometimes the pastas they sell taste bad This is so much better Cleared! *Time for a quick dessert You just need a blender A blender and Maht Bam (Chestnut) Put the whole bag inside And milk I don’t need a measuring cup. I’ll estimate it Silica packets?! *Checking is there’s a silica gel packet inside There better not be one! There isn’t any!! 1 full glass How do I explain this? I don’t know how to describe this. I forgot what it was called Cold bean noodles? Wait, no.. It’s as nutty and savory as the cold bean noodles It’s more milky than Babamba (Chestnut Icecream) and it’s not as sweet It tastes good. It’s like a chestnut latte This is a chestnut latte Cleared! Our next menu is our last dish *Real cheese fire chicken noodles I respect people that cook Use milk instead of water 1 whole cup of milk *Stir it up I hope it’ll be okay *Top up with cheese *Put the sauce *Microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds to 3 minutes Look at this masterpiece There’s so much cheese It’s spicy! *Forgot about its spiciness It’s totally different from the Carbonara Fire Chicken Noodles. The noodles are so much more different and tasty.
Is it because of the milk? Cleared! We are going to use Jollypong now This drink is with Jollypong I love this snack If you use a blender, it’s not as good and it’ll get stuck in your teeth Pour it in Stir the Jollypong and milk together like cereal Separate the snack and the milk *Pour the Jollypong milk inside black coffee This is the Jollypong infused milk. The milk is not white It’s jollypong flavored. It’s a latte Ice cream! *Put 1 scoop of ice cream on top of the Jollypong coffee *Top it up with Jollypong So tasty! *Went down the wrong pipe I almost choked on the jollypong It’s gotten colder It’s so good! *Cleared I used packaged food and milk from the convenience store and did a mukbang My personal favorite was the chicken porridge It was very unexpected and it was fresh It was something I have never had before I had so much fun today. Thanks everyone!