Thanks for order 5 Chai Lattes haha one spoon of Chai power for each coffee Mix with hot water Put the cinnamon powder on top Make 3 coffees together first Make Cappuccino foam Try to remove the bubbles doing rolling Turn off the steam before the milk overflows Transfer milk to another jug, make coffees one by one First Chai Latte Second Chai Latte 3rd Chai Latte 2 more left How to make 2 coffees together>>Click the card Transfer milk for same amount of foam 4th Chai Latte last Chai Latte Let’s make Ice Chocolate Chocolate Ganache Blending with Ice I really wanted to do it, whipped cream ! I learnt from Cafe Vlog how to make pretty whipped cream Chocolate drizzle Chocolate powder on top My ears got sensitive which is good Put one more sugar Have you noticed? I’ve got a new jug This is actually Mikael’s jug(same brand as white jug) @Mikael_Coffee it’s little bit bigger than Large size jug which is good So today I used Tiamo jugs only for latte art Smoothie time Set up like that first Then it’s time to make coffee quick I already put choc syrup in a coffee shot Please enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ Croissant is ready too This cheese cake has strawberry jam in it Enjoy! Green tea with Red velvet cheesecake is good~ Full ice for ice long black Ice cream on top of milk and ice Espresso double shots for both(sugar syrup in ice coffee) It’s the time when coffee gets busier I’m using my precious baby for steaming.. I really like this Tiamo jug! Milk come out really well very smooth Let’s use white Tiamo jug this time I tried pushing swan which I have been requested by one of my instagram followers I did my best.. (there are extra clips at the end) Soda flavour We set up plates, spoons and forks every time
when we are free One candle OK~ Putting the candle carefully Finishing up the settings Packing my favourite Mocha cake lastly I will finish up this Cafe Vlog Let me try this! First trial Drawing tulips first And then draw neck and head Something stuck in a throat..? Second trial Let’s make a body bigger Not pretty enough.. Third trial Pouring slowly is much better unfocused.. I hope this can help you guys Thanks for latte art recommendation This one was the best ha