Hello pastry chefs, today we are in Bulgaria. And we will visit Sofia, Varnas, Veliko Tarnovo, Deska. We will climb the 230 steps of Madara. And we’re going to make a banitsa recipe,
it’s a typical Bulgarian recipe. which exists either in sweet or salty. We obviously are going to make the sweet recipe. It is a dessert based on phyllo paste,
which looks a bit like a baklawa. So Bulgarians actually use a cheese
which is typical of their home called Senélé. But we ! We do not have any. So suddenly, we will use a cheese
who is still very very close who is the feta and it will be very good. So, I hope you enjoy the recipe. If so, I’m counting on you
to put the max of blue thumbs. And then, do not forget to subscribe to the channel, the little bell to receive all the notifications. And the banitsa recipe is now
and we end up right after. So, you start
roast 75 g flaked almonds. For that, you grill them in the pan
for about 5 minutes on medium heat. I put all the ingredients
and the material in info bar. Then you mix together 250 g of feta, 250 g Greek yogurt and 150 g caster sugar. You mix with a maryse,
to support the dough well against the walls of the container. To avoid that there are pieces left. It will inevitably remain, but try
that there is the smallest possible. You then add an egg and 2 teaspoons of liquid vanilla extract. I only put one on the video but put two.
It will be better, it will have more taste. You mix well
until you get a homogeneous paste. And you add about
50 g slivered and roasted almonds. You keep a little bit later for the decoration. You mix and you book. Then you melt 150 g of butter. And you will baste a first sheet
phyllo paste, it will take 10 phyllo pasta in all, with melted butter. You put a phyllo dough on the first,
you rebadige her with butter. We do not hesitate! You spread 2, 3 tablespoons of preparation
on the phyllo paste. You spread in a thin layer. And you’re going to roll it so
to form a first pudding. You repeat the operation like this, 5 times in total with the 10 sheets
phyllo paste and all the filling. And you put them in a mold. I used a mold that is 20 cm.
You place them like that in a spiral shape. You smear again with melted butter. And you pour 10 cl of milk.
The dough will absorb all the milk and the preparation. You cover with the remaining almonds
and you bake for 40 min at 180 degrees. And I advise you to serve with a little
liquid honey, it will be really delicious.