hi and welcome back to Le Gourmet TV
today we’re going to make butter tarts. Now butter tart recipes vary from
province to province and County to County this is just one of them I hope
you like it. Starts with butter, some milk, some
vanilla. I’m going to whisk that together with my brown sugar, add some egg, we’re
ready to go. So going to get the crust out of the refrigerator. These have been chilling. Now this is
just a basic pie tart recipe. You can find the three two one pie crust recipe
elsewhere on Le Gourmet TV. So here we go here’s the part where I make a
terrible mess. I think I’m actually going to go grab
myself a spatula. oops! okay so there’s always a big debate in
our house about raisins. I happen to love raisin so I’m going to put a few raisins
in these last few pieces in fact I may even add a few to these here that I’ve
already filled. perfect just like a pie we’re going to
put it into a hot oven about 450 degrees for about eight minutes. Then we’ll turn
it down and continue baking. So we have it butter tarts there’s
thousands of recipes I think we’ll explore more than just this one. Thanks
for coming to le gourmet TV take care.