Hello, everybody. Today! I went to Ansan because I had something to see.
There was a Gurumi Sando store where I had a sandwich before. I had a good memory of eating last time, so I went there. I heard a new menu came out So I’m ready! But the price starts at 2,800 won. I don’t think I can see this quality at this price, so I’ve prepared to show you! I don’t think I can eat it all because it’s too big!
I’ll share half of it with my family! Then, like! Subscribe! Instagram followers, please. Eggsub 2,800 won As expected, this place doesn’t disappoint me!! The eggs were sweet. They matched the bread so well. The one I just ate is called Eggsub. I think it’s the most basic menu. 2,800 won!This is (correcting)
I think the caustic cost is really great! Ham Cheesesub 3500 won There are ham, eggs, and cheese inside!
It felt a little more luxurious than a regular sandwich. Eggs are sweet all over.
It’s so dreamy!! Sausage French fries sub 3900 won Wow, that’s a lot! There are french fries, sausages, and lettuce sauces in it!
It’s so big that I feel like my stomach will be full even if I eat just one! And I think it’s the best look! Yakisobasub 4,200 won It’s so fresh.Haha It smells like teriyaki. It tastes so good! Chicken suub 4,200 won Chicken, eggs, lettuce, and sauce. This one’s got chicken in the sandwich.
It feels like a subway! If I eat this one, I think I’ll feel full like Subway!
I think it would be great for a meal. Shrimp-sourb 4900 won It smells really delicious because it’s is also the most expensive! There are two large shrimp and eggs in the base. This is also very full This quality is only 4,900 won. It’s a good thing. Please press “subscribe” and “Like”