Hello pastry chefs! It’s Christelle.
We are on “Once upon a time, pastry”. And today, I propose a spring recipe, with a raspberry dessert,
with rose and hazelnut. For this recipe, I used a mold like this, shaped like a half circle to have a dome, but you can keep
exactly the same quantities. I note you info bar. And use an adjustable circle by adjusting it to 24 cm. I explain everything. As always for the entremets,
you prepare it at least the day before. If you want, you can even leave it several weeks in the freezer,
there is no problem. And on the day, you take it out of the freezer. You make the icing and then the little decor. I put chocolate spaghetti
to pretend it was grass, it’s super pretty, and small flowers. Stay well until the end of the video, because I have something important
to tell you for next week. For this recipe,
we will start with the raspberry insert. You place the gelatin in a bowl of cold water. In a saucepan, you will place
sugar and raspberries. You can take raspberries
fresh or frozen whatever, I took frozen food. You make them melt well,
you add a little water. And you bring to a boil, you let it boil for
3 to 5 min to small broth. Then you put everything in your blender. I put all the ingredients
and the material in info bar. You add the dehydrated gelatin and you mix. Then, let it cool to temperature
ambient time to prepare the suite. We go to the base of financier hazelnut. You melt the butter until
take a nice nutty golden color. Do not worry,
there will be deposits, but we will filter them. Let the butter cool. Then you will sift the icing sugar, it’s important to sift
otherwise you will have lumps. Flour, the hazelnut powder, and the almond powder. If you do not have a sieve, you can use like me
simply a colander. It will be fine. You add a pinch of salt, then the whites in snow. I just whip them
a few seconds with a hand whip
until they become sparkling, it’s largely enough. Really no need to do more. You mix everything
until you have a homogeneous paste. You will then add
the hazelnut butter by filtering it, especially it is important to recover deposits. And then you mix again. You pour it all in 2 disks. I took a cookie cutter
16 cm and another 8. If you ever do everything in a very simple circle, you will pour the dough into a 22 cm disc about 1.5 cm high
and you bake for 15 min at 180 degrees. If you use a 22 cm circle, you may need
a little more cooking. Then you pour the raspberry insert
on the basis of financial. And you put it all
in the freezer for at least an hour. We go to the Bavarian rose. You place the gelatin in a bowl of cold water. And you will whisk together 2 egg yolks, and 60 g caster sugar. You whip until the mixture whitens. You then add
2 tablespoons rose water. If you ever do not like rose water, you can not put it, there are no worries. You will simply add 2 cl more milk. You then add the milk,
little by little while whisking. Then you put everything on the fire over medium heat. And you will go up to 84 degrees,
we try not to exceed 84 degrees. Me, as soon as I see that it marks 81, 82, I remove. Off the heat, add the drained gelatin. You let down to about 30 degrees. In the meantime, you will whip the whole liquid cream for about 10 minutes at medium power until it thickens. You will incorporate it gently with a maryse in the previous preparation that will have cooled. Do not wait for it to freeze,
30 degrees is fine. I’m counting on you, if you like the recipe
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to receive all notifications. As you go, you will add
cream and bavaroise will thicken. You pour half of the preparation
in the half-sphere mold. You add the first insert
raspberry and hazelnut. You cover with the rest of cream, and then the larger base
of financial and raspberries. And you put it all in the freezer all night, or several weeks if you want to do it several days in advance, there is no problem. We scrape the top if it has a little overflowed. And then, I sprayed
white velvet spray simply. For decoration, I melted 100 g of white chocolate. And to get a green color since I wanted to do
as if it were small sprigs of herbs, I added liposoluble dye. Go little by little to get the desired color. I always go there in stages, I thought it was a little bit
too blue, so I added a little yellow to have a green a little more spring. Then the day before, I put my plate
in the freezer with my entremets, I took it out and then I oiled it well. Then I poured my white chocolate so green in a socket pocket
with a thin socket of one millimeter. We pocket like that streaks on the plate, very quickly because it’s going to cool
very quickly, it will quickly harden. The edges are removed with a knife. You have to go really fast, And then we pick it up, and we quickly give a rounded shape so that it can then surround the cake. You do that with all the chocolate. Then you have it all around the cake. Then I decorated with
small flowers, small dried roses. I put you all the references in info bar. And then, very important, you take it out of the fridge at least 4 hours before tasting,
to be a little thawed. I even advise you
to leave it then in the open for an hour it will be the best. I told you in intro
that I had something to say to you, is that next week, the video will not be published
Wednesday, 3 pm as usual, but Tuesday at 6 pm There is a good reason for that, is that in this video,
you will see, I will spoil you. There will be a recipe contest. I do not tell you more for the moment, all I can tell you
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