DIY Frozen Banana Pops Hello Guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey, and because it is Summertime, and we like to hang out in our pool outside, and it is really hot here in Texas, We love our frozen treats, so we found some cool ones that we decided to show you guys today, and they are called Frozen Banana Pops! To start off, we each have our own banana and a knife, a butter knife, because those are like dull and then they are safe for children Um, and you are just going to want to cut your banana in half and… cut through there, and then you’ll have your two halves, and you’ll peel them as you can see… gonna peel them. And then you’ll wanna place… The… um… half you have on a little plate. So… nice and pretty Peel your second half… and put it on a plate. So, to start off, we’re going to be showing you how to do two of the four bananas Brooklyn’s going to be doing a Breakfast Banana and I’m going to be doing a dessert one, so why don’t you show them what you’re going to do? Um… first your going to want to take one of your halves of the bananas and stick your popsicle stick in, push it in a little bit far so that the banana doesn’t fall off when you are dipping it, and, in my bowl, I have strawberry-banana yogurt because that is yummy breakfast food and you are going to take the half of banana I have and stick it in, and kind of roll it, and I have a spoon here to help me so that I can get, you know, covered, all the way covered so that it is nice and yummy, and even. and I’m just going to keep smearing it on until the whole banana is covered. And… then I’m going to pull it out, And, I’m going to be using homemade granola to, um… cover, or coat, or whatever you want to call… the banana. Sprinkle, I can sprinkle it, um… I’m going to sprinkle it on top, just because that makes it prettier, but you can roll it, or you can, you know, do whatever you want to get the granola on there. Keep turning it… Sprinkle… and, looks yummy! {Bailey} Oooh, I have a fly on me! It smells yummy food! And… almost done! And then you have your breakfast banana! So for my banana, of course I’m going to take it and put in my popsicle stick, And then I have melted chocolate chips in this bowl right here, so I’m going to do the same thing as Brooklyn and just kind of roll it around and use this spoon to help me cover it, And the chocolate is a little bit heavier, so… try to make sure that the banana doesn’t fall off {Brooklyn} The chocolate looks yummy! I can’t wait to eat these {Brooklyn} OK, so… it’s really drippy, so make sure there’s no drips on it, {Brooklyn} It kind of looks like marshmallow! Looks yummy! It does look like a marshmallow, huh? Oh, yeah, and then I am going to do the same thing, I have mini M&M’s, and I’m going to sprinkle it on top of the chocolate banana, Just so you can get it covered, and delicious, you can put any amount you want on there. Just put it all the way around… Um, make sure you’ve washed your hands, so that when you are touching your food, they are clean, and they are not dirty hands. So that when you eat your food, it can be all yummy! And there we have our Breakfast Banana and our Dessert Banana! Now, we’re going to be showing you two other types of bananas you can make, Mine, I absolutely love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, so I’m going to be making a peanut butter and chocolate banana, and, I really love Nutella, so I found a way to put that on a banana and, so, Brooklyn, do you want to show them how you your Reese’s? Sure… um… again you’re going to want to take your banana and stick your popsicle stick in, and then this time I have peanut butter to roll it in, so I’m going to roll it in. Oooh, this one is sticky! And then I’m going to coat it again with my spoon, so that it’s evenly coated, Coat it, coat it, yummy, yummy! Peanut Butter! It is like a granola bar, because it is peanut butter and chocolate, so… it’s yummy! Perfect after-school snack! OK, there I go… this one’s drippy, too! OK, and, now I have my peanut butter! Ooooh, that looks good! And I’m going to sprinkle it with chocolate chips… This looks soooo good! I can’t wait to eat these, oh my goodness! {Bailey} It’s like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup on a stick! With Bananas! With a banana in the middle! Yummy! And I’m just going to keep sprinkling it, until it is evenly coated, … almost done… Pefect-a-mundo! {Bailey} A little bit more, and then I have my Reese’s Banana! Yum! Stick it so it sticks the same way… Ok, there we go! OK, so, again, I’m going to take my banana, put my stick in it and then I’m going to dip it into my Nutella, and cover it, as much as possible with my spoon. I love Nutella! {Brooklyn} Nutella is yummy! It’s like a secondary chocolate. It’s like chocolate, but then it’s suppose to be, doesn’t it like have hazel or something in it? Hazelnut! Hazelnut, yeah! Yes, it does… yummy! Oooh, I like that! Finish covering it all, That looks good, yeah! Yummy, yummy! Make sure you get all the drips… OK, so once you have your banana covered, I’m going to sprinkle coconut over the top, Because coconut and chocolate are just like the perfect thing, kind of like Almond Joys Yeah, it tastes like an Almond Joy, I was going to say that! Let’s see… get the whole thing covered, It’s all Spikey! And… wait, no, let’s go the other way! Wait, what? Has to go the other way! Oh, yeah, the stick! It has to make them all even, right? OCD, sorry! And, there you have your bananas! After putting the bananas in the freezer for a half an hour {30 minutes}, they turned out like this! Beautiful! And they look delicious and we’re so ready to eat them! So we hope you guys enjoyed watching us make our DIY Frozen Banana Pops! Be sure to leave a comment below on your favorite treat, frozen dessert, or whatever you like to eat during Summer! Umm… also, don’t forget to Like, Favorite, Share, and Comment! And we will see you guys next week! Bye! Bye! Click here to SUBSCRIBE! Click above to see our VidCon 2014 & Meet-up blog! Thank you, from Brooklyn and Bailey! Mine is yummy! {Brooklyn} Do I have chocolate on my face? {Bailey} Yes! Do I have peanut butter on mine? No. Mmmmm… Holy Cow, this is good!