Hello, everyone. Today
A bread called almond petit? A doughnut? I prepared some bread. And today, Binggrae! There were two kinds of vanilla ice cream and strawberry.
I don’t know what kind of ice cream you’re gonna fit in.
differently today I prepared strawberry ice cream. I brought some ice cream just to dip it in with the bread! Then, like! Subscribe! Instagram followers, please. The texture of bread is hard! It’s a hollow bread, and it’s very tough🤣 You’re tough. Expanding the bread!! Put the ice cream in the bread. I wish the bread wasn’t tough.😭 It went really well with strawberry ice cream! It’s delicious.
I think you can eat bread one by one when you’re bored. Ice cream is too cold. I eat all the last piece of bread. Please press “subscribe” and “Like”