– Oh (laughs) Hey hold on, I gotta
enjoy this adorableness. Look how adorable. – [Mccoy] Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you had one baby carrier. – Lookit, you’re like
a little mommy kangaroo with the little baby in its pouchie. – Mommies should be build with pouches. Mommy people should be built with pouches. Cause, hello, humans have
to do a lot of things with their hands, so – [William] You’re a kangaroo, mom. – I’m a kangaroo (laughs) – That is so cute. So guys, we haven’t really blogged today at all because I’ve been super sick, the kids’ve been at school and we just haven’t been doing anything. I have sinus infection. Lodged right here inside my skull and I hate it. But we just went for a
walk around the block and I just, aw. That’s so cute. And Roswell’s not, is he enjoying that? I can’t tell. – He was kind of freaking
out when I put him in here. But then he went right to sleep. (upbeat music) – Okay so, Christina
picked up this sorbet. It’s called Island Way. And these sorbets actually come inside of actual fruit
peels, or fruit whatevers. – Yeah, they do, it’s really awesome. It’s really awesome, but look, cause you can tell there’s
four different flavors. This is not an official endorsement or a brand deal. But there’s four different kinds: heavenly coconut, ruby red berries, passionate mangoes, and zesty pomegranate. So anyways, William, what
kind did you get, buddy? – Coconuts. – You got coconut?
– Yes. – Okay. Mccoy. What kind did you get? – I got passion mango sherbert. – Okay. And Tatum, what kind did you get? – I got ruby red berry. – Oh wow. Okay, so. Let’s bust these open and give ’em a try. Okay, now we’re gonna dig in. Okay, go ahead children. – I can’t do it. – [Dad] You can’t do it? – Yeah. – [Dad] You been eating
your dinner all gone you should have big
enough muscles to do it. – By the way, they are super cold. – [Dad] Oh, show me your
big muscles, though. – My muscles are big. – I got big muscles too, I can open these. – (Dad laughs) The kids ate their dinner
really well tonight, so I just wanted to note that. And they deserve some dessert. – Oh guys, look at mine, yummy. – [Dad] See look, see look. So what is this outer shell? – [Mccoy And Tatum] Orange. – [Dad] It’s an orange.
And what’s inside of it? – Passionate fruit and mango. – Yeah, so that’s really cool, that they actually used real fruit. – Somebody decided to eat that orange and lick it really clean, and then they squeeze some ice cream in it and freeze it. – Hey, that’s what you
call good recycling. You know, you don’t want
to let things go to waste. We can recycle these peels, fill them with some sorbet, after we
lick out all the real fruit. – Dad, look at mine, coconut cream– – Hey look, I’ve got two Xes on mine. – I actually don’t know my flavor. It just says ruby red berries. So I have no idea. – It could be strawberry. – [Dad] Grapefruit berry. Okay, yeah, Island Way, if you could contact us and let us
know if these are actually recycled peels, that
would be great to know. – [Mccoy] No, it wouldn’t! – [Mom] Where do they get the shells from? – Yeah, where do you
guys get the shells from? That’d be nice to know. – Hey, I think I know what they do. Maybe they scoop out the fruit with a big spoon like this, and then they take it out, eat the stuff outside and then, or put ’em into cans. – [Dad] Yeah but, okay, hold on, hold on. What if, oh, put it into cans, so canned fruit, that’s
where it comes from? – Yeah, and then you used the outside and then you clean it out with water and then you put, and you
scoop up some ice cream and put it in it. – [Dad] Would you still
eat this if you found out that they actually lick
the fruit out of those? – Yeah.
– No. – [Dad] (laughs) You would still eat it? Sicko. – They’re just delicious. (Dad laughs) – William’s gonna try it. Mmm, how’s it taste? Which one do you like the best, Bubba? Have you tried that one? – A small bite. – [Dad] You had a small bite? Or do you want a small bite? – I already had one last time. – [Dad] Last time you tried that one? – Yeah, only a little bit. – No, he had a little
bit, he didn’t have it. – [Dad] Oh, okay. So which one is your favorite? – All of them? – [Dad] All of them? That’s the right answer, buddy! – But we all haven’t
tried one of the flavors. – [Dad] Which flavor? – Zesty pomegranate. – [Dad] Oh, pomegranate lemon sorbet. Well let’s open it up. – Yeah, and taste it. – [Dad] Yeah. Mom won’t eat it. (bag rustling) (kids talking) – Oh wait, it’s in a lemon. – [Dad] Well that’s a big ol lemon. – I’d imagine they actually use the fruit to flavor the sorbet. Cause like, Tatum’s is
in a grapefruit peel and it’s grapefruit berry. – Now, I want to just
pretend that they eat it out, that they go, oh, can’t believe we got this leftover peel, let’s
put some sorbet in it. And they go buy the sorbet
separately at the store. (laughs) – We could totally make
these at home and sell them. – Yeah, that’s a great– – With our leftover compost. – That’s our new business. First one I’m gonna try is
pomegranate lemon sorbet. Okay, let’s try a little bit. Ooh, that reminds me
of like Schwan pushups. I don’t know if you guys
have that where you’re from. But the texture and flavor of it tastes like those Schwan’s pushups. They’re really good. Okay, so, now what kind’s this, Tatum? – [Tatum] It’s ruby red berry. – Oh, ruby red berry. So this one’s ruby red berry. – [Tatum] Strawberry and – Ooh, I like that one. That one is really good. Okay, and Mccoy this is
passion mango sorbet? Now disclaimer, I don’t
really like mangoes. – [Tatum] I don’t know if
Dad’s even tried passion fruit. – Oh, I’ve tried passion fruit, son. I’m a very passionate kind of person. Here we go. Mmm, that’s pretty good. That tastes almost more
orangey than it does mangoey. – [Mccoy] Now can I eat it? – I think, that one’s pretty good. That one’s not as tart as I thought. This one I think so far I like the best. That one’s a close
second, the passion mango. And the pomegranate’s good,
too, it’s just probably not my– – [Mom] Try the coconut
before the jury’s out. – Okay, here we go. Winner. Winner. Winner. I like the coconut. – [Mccoy] Now it’s our turn. – Just vanilla-y, creamy, coconutty – [Tatum] No, I’m not trying the coconut. I don’t like coconut stuff. (kids talking) – Wait, I gotta try one
more of the pomegranate. – I don’t like coconut
ice cream or sorbet. I just don’t like coconut stuff. – The pomegranate
probably isn’t my favorite out of them, but it’s still really good. You gotta try it. A spoonful. – Hmmm. Hmm. I don’t know about coconut. – I would say it’s (mumbles) – Mmm, yummy. – [Dad] You like the pomegranate one? – Mmm hmm, but I think this is first and this is second, but let’s try this. – [Dad] That one’s the
passion fruit, right? – No, it’s the strawberry grapefruit. – [Dad] Oh. – I think first, second,
and third and fourth. – [Dad] You didn’t like the coconut? Okay. – Okay, let me try it.
– Not that much. – [Dad] Okay, try all four. – Okay. So first, I’m gonna try
the strawberry grapefruit. – [Dad] Yeah, the ruby red berry. – Definitely – [Dad] Top dog, right? – So far. – [Dad] Top contender. – We all liked that one. – Really good but it’s gonna
fall back into second so far. (Dad laughs) – I’m gonna try coconut last. – [Dad] Okay. – That’s gonna go in third because I think it’s got a little
too much of an orangey taste – [Dad] I like it that way. – My tongue just doesn’t like it. – [Dad] It’s not dancing on your tongue? Hey no no, get a bigger chunk than that. – Okay, fine. – [Dad] C’mon, that’s not even fair. – Okay. Hmm. – [Dad] Your face looks like
you’re disgusted with it. It’s not disgusting. I think you’re having
doubts whether you trust your instincts or not on coconut. – Okay. It is pretty good, but the only thing that I don’t like about it is – Is it’s coconut. – No, I love coconut, but the only thing is it feels like it’s got too much dairy when these are supposed to be sorbet. It’s got just too much – Actually I read the
ingredients, the coconut one has actual coconut milk in it, Tatum. Not dairy milk, it’s
actually coconut milk. – So that’s why I don’t like it. – [Dad] Oh so you were wrong. – Well it’s not completely fresh. – [Dad] It tastes creamy, though. – Yeah but, it just won’t
(drowned out by William yelling) – [Dad] So where do you
rank it among the four? – I actually am going to put it in third. – [Dad] Above which one? – Drop pomegranate back to fourth and mango up to second and
then this one to first. – [Mom] Nobody likes the lemonade, huh? – Well, my kids are officially crazy cause they all tasted great. So, better than eating
a cow pie, children. – Does everybody like all of them? Is that like a general consensus, though? – Mmm hmm. – [Dad] You probably would eat all of them on a hot summer day and
be like, “Lummy, lummy.” – This one was second this one was first, this one was second, this one
was third this one was fourth. – [Dad] You’re grounded. Go to timeout. – No! (fake crying)
(Dad laughs) – In other news, our
cute neighbor brought us this cute present for baby Roswell. And it’s adorable. Just to prep you. It’s so funny. Look at it. Has little ears and a
little nose and eyes. Isn’t that cute? – [Dad] Yeah. – And then look how
cute the little hat is, it has little ears too. – [Dad] It’s like a little Rossy bear. – I know, isn’t he going
to be so cute wearing this? – So adorbs. – It’ll be so cute. – [Dad] Thank you. – Thanks Kathy and Liam. You guys are awesome. – [Dad] Bubba bear’s turn to tell us which one he likes the best. Okay, that one’s the pomegranate. Oh no no, that one’s the – Strawberry grapefruit – [Dad] The red berry – But it’s strawberry and grapefruit. – You like that one? – Mmm hmmm. – [Dad] Okay, now the pomegranate’s next. (laughs) Besides the fact he’s super cute You like that one too? – Mmm hmm. – [Dad] Eh? He should be on a
commercial, folks, c’mon. That’s the one he picked already. – [Mom] You like coconut? – [Dad] That one’s good too. And the orange mango one Okay, which one’s your favoritest? – All of them. – [Dad] All of them? That is the right answer, buddy. Call us, Island Way. Island Way, give us a call. I just found your new spokesperson. Your new spokestoddler. Okay guys, so that’s
gonna be it for today. Oh hey, we sent out some
emails to the winners of the Dyches fam contest
for the gender prediction. – If you want your prize
then you have to reply back. – Reply to the email. I sent it out to four
of you, so be checking your email like right now. – Yeah, we had like a thousand responses and then now we can’t get
the winners to email us back. – Yeah if we don’t hear back from you soon we’re gonna have to
pick some other winners. So check your emails, okay? Be sure to check your
emails and see if you have one from the Dyches fam, D-Y-X-F-A-M. – That’s us. – So anyways, alright guys – My nose is tickling, hold on – Don’t sneeze, don’t sneeze. – I’m okay. – Got it? Okay (laughs) Alright guys, thanks for
hanging out with us today. Be sure to leave us a comment below and we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – Love you guys. – Peace out. We love you. ♫ Are you gonna find her baby my way ♫ Are we gonna grind or are we gonna play ♫ We gonna give it time but never go away ♫ Said they’re either
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