How was your week! My week was full of happiness with all of your love! LOVE YOU GUYS 3000! pow pow! i didn’t know before i edit this video,,,but I sprinkle these things about 20 sec! lots of care lol Decorate this with cookie and macaroons. The Spoon Redemption Lots of ppl asked me what these are These are the bells that we use when we call customers to pick up bar! Hey Bae~ I got delivery order right after do crazy things I think it’s God’s will to make me work again!
(btw, I got no religion) We use canned drinks on delivery The Ice Redemption Grinding Temp it first and extraction it. Did you guys tried Espresso? Umm for me, it was good.
Even though, it felt like I’m drinking poisonous substance Try it! Combine the lid and can Tah-dah! Put these things in bag so that delivery can pick up easily The ice might melt, I’ll keep these in refrigerator! lol she ordered cake! wow I’m so kiiiiind! Give me the title of an employee of the month. Mocha is the drink with Espresso, Chocolate, Milk. btw I’m the type who always want lots of whipped cream What about you? Am i the only gourmand here? If you change chocolate to white chocolate in mocha, then it’s White mocha Put whipped cream on top of hot drink is so hard Gosh you look GORGEOUS! *Warning* Yes I was pissed off. In the midst of this,
the cream cheese on my finger was taste so good. My record was almost clean(once) bf I started YT But now it’s Third Time^^ PLEEAAASE whew,,,,,,, Actually I have to buy this even if I’m the owner’s daughter but i made a deal with the thing that I posted this cafe vlog in YT! Wrapping up because I was upset while eating. btw selling record of macaroon is so good! pack it beautifully! Dobby is freeeeee!! Bye!!!!!