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It’s my birthday today! And look what I found. Biggest present to
Mom is practicing without me having to ask. You’re on to me, Julie. You’re on to me. Ew. Not what you want to see when you open up
a new thing of frosting. And it’s sparkling. It adds glitter to your cake. Who did this? Who ate this in the food room,
and put it back? I got it. Cake shifted. I’ve watched like an– Is there an easier
way to do this? I’ve watched a cooking show, and they kinda put
sprinkles on the sides, they just pat it. I’m getting a little better. My only regret is I didn’t make
homemade chocolate frosting. I did the homemade cake,
and I didn’t remember how good the frosting was until
I opened up the store bought, but it’s all right. I have been dreaming
all week about eating a huge decadent piece
of chocolate cake with a cup of milk, because I have not
been eating sugar, and I am so excited to indulge. It is like my kids know exactly
what I want for my birthday. Chad is reading a book. Julie was practicing, and the kids are
getting breakfast going. Eve made her own bed. Eve made her bed? Look, and she got dressed. Eve, did you make your bed? Yeah. And I’m organizing
all my drawers. Thank you. I don’t care if I get
anything for my birthday. I just want the kids
to like be pleasant for a day. Just be pleasant. Oh yeah Mom, guess what? What? Julie’s friend, she
had a popsicle, and it said, uh… It says listen
to parents for 24 hours? Yep. So you’re going to listen
to me for 24 hours. We already do that. We already do that. Mom, guess what? What? Probably don’t want
to get this on camera. Okay. I will turn the camera off. Chad is finishing up– He’s mentioned this book before. It’s, it’s called Unbroken,
and it’s pretty violent. It’s meant for
teenagers to read. It even says it right here. It says adopted
for young adults. Yeah, it’s, it has some pretty
adult stuff in there, but– Not like not inappropriate. Not inappropriate, but war, and the things that the guy went
through during the war, which are gruesome
and pretty pretty hard, but I would say it’s been
very worth reading. He’s loving it. Chad is absolutely
loving this book. So he’s gonna tell
me the ending. It has been so long since our family has come
to the Cannon center. We’re on campus
where Kevin teaches, and we’re gonna
enjoy some lunch. Oh, 8 Passengers. Are we ready to eat? Happy birthday. Thank you. Happy birthday. That looks amazing. Waffle chicken and bacon– With syrup. Buttermilk syrup. [inaudible] like the old [inaudible] ? Yeah. I was just telling Julie… I was like, I remember
when I had four kids, she’s got four little kids, and her husband’s
in graduate school. I remember and I told you, I said, those are the hardest
two years of my life. They were the hardest. They’re fun. Just tiring. It gets busier. But like it also gets easier. Like your night time routine
when you have four little kids, it’s like enough to make
you want to pull your hair out. So like things
will getting busier, but then your nighttime
routine gets easier as the kids get older. Like things lighten up. The diaper load
doesn’t get busier, it gets easier and… You [inaudible]. It’s true. Don’t lose hope. Okay.
Don’t lose hope Julie. I have it. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, you’re too heavy. I’m only 80 pounds. I only weight 82 pounds. [inaudible]. Do not break your back on him. Stretch. I’m so scared. Landon, why are you doing this? Seriously? I will– I will not be liable
for the medical bills that will follow. Yeah, it’s gonna leave pockets
a little bit, right? [inaudible] move. [inaudible], move. Are you okay? Oh yeah. And this is why Uncle Landon is the favorite.
>>Why we can’t take him anywhere nice. That’s why we can’t take
him anywhere nice. Oh, do it to me. Do it to me. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Mom. Happy Birthday to you. Oh, it’s my turn. Hold on. No, I gotta blow it. You want me to help you now? Oh my gosh,
sprinkles went everywhere. This cake looks demented now. Like all the candles are like… When we like use tweezers
to get out those candles. Don’t touch. I know. Dad wraps them all. No, actually. Did Dad wrap this one? No, I did that one. Do you know how hard
it was to make my cake without the kitchen mixer? Wow. This is really cute. I love that. It matches your
toaster over there. I want one of these. It’s a splatter guard. So what you do. I hate cooking chicken
on the stove top, because it splatters
grease everywhere. But this, you’re supposed to be able to like
put it on top of it, and you can be really,
like oily chicken or whatever, and it’ll catch the splatter so it won’t go all
over your kitchen. [inaudible] looking for the
best wrapped one. You did this one? Yeah. I still can’t get
over your smile with braces. It just looks so different. It’s cute. Do the Abby waggy. Dude, I actually didn’t know
that we had that. But I really that now. That’s really cool. What is it? I got [inaudible]
from Brevin’s mom. I know,
and I’m just gonna say, [inaudible] from Brevin’s Mom. Is this like hers, or did she got the down,
up, down, up, down, up? I don’t know. I know there’s another kind
that you could– Have you guys ever used one of those that you put
your vegetable under, and then you can push a button, and it goes down
up down up down up. Let me know if you like
that one better. This one is just, you put it in,
and you like close it shut, and just cuts at once. But yeah, that should totally– Can we do strawberries with it? I don’t know. We should try it. Great. You can never go wrong
giving me kitchen stuff, because that’s what I love. Kitchen stuff and new clothes,
that’s the two things I love. I’ve been using cast iron, but I do want
to try a nonstick. So this is also to help
me cook chicken. Look, it fits. That’ll be perfect. Is that all the presents, Evie? Are you sure? Look hard. Look hard. Look under the box. Look– Look under the table. Look under the table. Look under the table, I said. Look. Look. What is this? That’s another present. Turn around. And that’s added to what
your sister already got you. Thank you. Oh, she’s crying. She cries every single
time, come on. Breathe. Why don’t you tell
our viewers what it is? They still have no clue. It’s a gift card
to go to the spa. Why are you crying? I don’t know why I’m crying. I’m just– It’s a spa, Mom. They have facials,
and chemical peels. I don’t have a clue
what any of those are, but apparently, girls like them, and I went and looked
up first to make sure that Mom still– that Ruby still has
an account there. So even though she
doesn’t have her gift card from Bonnie anymore. I think I know where it is. Give me– Chad, you cut my cake. I was hungry. No, that’s so rude. No. Guess Mother, I
love you so much. I decided I’ll just cut
the cake for you. I think I know where it is. I’m gonna–
I’m gonna go check. Hold on. You ruined your foundation. Wait, what’s wrong
about eating the cake? What are you doing
the Mom’s cake? Wait, what’s so bad
about cutting the cake? Because the person
whose birthday that gets the first piece. I have good news. I have good news. I found them. Remember your mom
gave us this book, and I had money on Christmas, and my sister gave me
a gift card to the spa, and I didn’t want
to lose them. So I put them in here,
so I wouldn’t lose them. But upon putting him in here, I forgot that I
had put him in here, but I found them. All I’m saying is that even
if you didn’t have it, you can still claim that credit. Okay. Look at– And look what I forgot
to give Julia week ago. It was in my car for a week. That’s right, you
got her a gift. And you forgot
to give it to her. I just found it today. Oh, that’s so cute. Julie, that is so cute. You’ll have to donate your,
your old one. This is so much cuter. ‘Cause that’s what
minimalist think. You bring in a purse,
you get rid of your old one. Happy birthday, almost
to me but to you. Russell, stop. Stop. ‘Cause I don’t wanna save this,
but it’s for you. I want a hug
from you my birthday. I want to hug. And I want you to kiss
me on the cheek. Dear Mommy. Happy Birthday to you.