[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hey, guys! -It’s Brooklyn and Bailey. -And as you all may
or may not know, Father’s Day is
coming up this month. So we thought we would
do a really cool video. It’s kind of– I don’t really
know what you’d call it. Like, how much do
you really know about your dad kind of video. -And my mom came up
with some questions. And she’s going to be
asking me and Bailey questions about my dad. -And then, he’s going
to be giving the answers to the questions to see how much
we really know about our dad. So let’s get started. -My dad’s birthday is May 5th? -Yeah. -Cinco de Mayo -Cinco de Mayo. -That’s right. -I just remember Cinco de Mayo. -Yeah. -And that just happened. So that’s an easy one. -My birthday is May 5th. It’s also celebrated
as Cinco de Mayo. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Blue? -My dad’s favorite color? -Blue. I think it’s blue. -Red? -No, not red. Blue. -Blue? OK. We’ll go with blue. -My favorite is blue. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I don’t know. -All the way through college. Don’t you think so? -He finished high school. -Through college. -He went through college? -He graduated? -He got– did he get
a master’s degree? I don’t know! -Let’s just say through college. -Let’s just say college, yeah. He finished college. -I graduated with a master’s
of international management. So I went to a college and
received my four year degree with a minor in Spanish
as well, and then got a master’s in
international management. So 12– let me see
if I can do the math. 12, 4 is 16, so 17. 17 years of schooling. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Russet! -A russet potato! -He grew up in Idaho. So it was a russet potato. -We know this one, yes! -He’s told us this one. He talks about it. -He sang us his high
school song and danced like the russet potato. -Yeah. -We know this one. -Oh, boy. My high school
mascot was a russet. And for anybody who doesn’t
know what a russet it, it is a potato. It’s a potato. Yes, that was my
high school mascot. [MUSIC PLAYING] -He eats a lot of
different things. -Dad’s favorite food? -Ribs? Barbecue? He eats so many
different things. -I don’t know. -I don’t know. -He likes a lot of stuff. -My favorite food is
something that I’ve loved ever since I was a kid growing
up in the farms of Idaho. It’s roast and potatoes,
just a farm boy at heart. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Yard work is OK. I know he can do that one. He does laundry. So maybe car maintenance? I don’t know. -I don’t know. -I don’t know. All I know is he does
laundry sometimes, and he does yard work. I don’t ever see him doing– -Car maintenance. -So we’re going to go
with car maintenance. -Yard work, laundry,
or car maintenance? I would definitely say laundry. We have six kids, people! -Sleep? Watch TV? Oh, I’m going to go with– -Visit his family? -I’m going to go with sleep. That’s my answer. -Sleep, yeah. -Sleep. He likes sleeping. -I don’t know. I’ve never had three hours! I don’t know. I don’t know. -A luxury resort. That’s what I say, yeah. -I say international travel
because he’s done it so much. -No, I think that’s why he
wouldn’t want to do that. -No, but then he
likes visiting places. -No. I’m going with luxury resort. -I’m going with
international travel. -Definitely
international travel. I’ve actually been quite
a few places in the world, and it’s just something
that I thoroughly enjoy. [MUSIC PLAYING] -They met in college. -And my dad was– -Roller skating at a park. -And then he– -Yeah, his friend knew
my mom’s roommate. And they went and
stopped at her house. -Her apartment. -And they met. -And then they wanted water. So they went and knocked on
her door and asked for water. -And got a drink. -And met. -And then my mom– -They met, and now
they are married. -I met Mindy when
we were in college. And I was rollerblading
around the campus, and we stopped at her
dorm room for water. And she walked in,
and she just thought I was the most handsome,
rugged looking guy. How could she resist? -Put it in the bank? -Ha! Save it? -Earn interest on the bank? I don’t know. -If I had $1,000, I
would definitely save it. -Football. -Football. -Definitely dad likes to
watch football of any sport. -I definitely love
watching football. I’ve always loved
watching football. -Oh, oh! He moved pipe in fields. -Does that count? Does that count? -That’s a job. He earned money. And he told us that
when he was like 14, he went to his neighbor’s house. And he would carry pipe across
the fields back and forth. And he didn’t get paid
much, but he got paid. He did get paid. So it counts as a job. -My first job was moving
pipe in the potato fields. I was about 12 when I started. It was very hard work. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I don’t know. I’m going to go with
take care of his family. Hopefully? -Hopefully. I have no guess. -No idea. -My biggest goal currently is
to raise all six of my children successfully. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Oh, oh, um. -I don’t know. -I know this. I know this. -What? -Come on, come on, come on. I can’t remember. I can’t remember. -How do you know? -I just can’t remember
what bothers him. What bothers Dad? -I don’t know. I don’t have an
answer to this one. -People not doing their jobs. That’s all I can think of. I don’t know. -I don’t know. -That’s probably not even close. -I don’t know. -My biggest pet
peeve would probably be when Mindy squeezes
the toothpaste from the top of the tube. Oh, that drives me nuts. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Oh, Gold Rush. He likes Gold Rush. -He likes to watch these
History Channel things where they inform you
about crazy things that go on in the world. -He likes Gold Rush or whenever. -I’m going to go
with History Channel. -Gold Rush. -Or Gold Rush. That works. -I like watching Bizarre
Foods with Andrew Zimmeran. I’ve traveled enough
internationally to have eaten some
strange foods, and that shows is
just pretty awesome. [MUSIC PLAYING] -He really likes
pumpkin– pumpkin stuff. -I would have gone
with cheesecake. -Pumpkin cake. -Cherry cheesecake? -He eats too many
different kinds of stuff. -He just likes a lot of things. -So that’s a hard one to answer. -I’m going with pumpkin stuff. I know he likes that. -OK. That works. -I love cheesecake. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Cinco de Mayo, because
it’s his birthday! -No, I would have
gone with Christmas. -Probably Christmas. -Probably Christmas, maybe. I don’t know. -Ever since I was
a kid, I’ve always loved the Christmas season,
everything from Thanksgiving all the way up to Christmas,
I just really loved that. Especially with little kids, and
watching them enjoy the season. [MUSIC PLAYING] -A dog. He had lots of dogs, pets. -Do we have to name the name? OK, name the name. -Oh, the name? It was a Dalmatian. -Spot? -It was a Dalmatian. And it was a really
common name, too. It was like Spot. -Or something. I can only think of Spot. -Fido or something. -Fido? -Or something common with a dog. -I’m gonna guess Spot. -But it was a Dalmatian. -I know it was a Dalmatian. -So when I was about
in second grade, my dad came home
with a little puppy. And it was snowy outside. And he woke us up and
said it was a surprise. We looked outside, and we
saw a little, white puppy. He looked like a
little cute polar bear. So we named him Bear, and
he was my favorite dog ever. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Yes, I had a Dalmatian. And his name was Joey. And I think we had him for
about six months before he got run over by a car. -OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Oh, gosh! -Which one? -Funniest or scariest? -Let’s go with scariest because
he usually tells scary– -Yeah, he tells
us scary stories. -There was one about
the heart in the wall. When he was little,
he was sleeping, and he thought he heard
a heart in the wall. -Thumping. -Thumping, so he ran
to his parents’ room. -And he got them up. And then, there wasn’t a heart. And he did this three times. And then finally, when he
went to find the heart, he realized that it was his own
heart pumping that scared him. -His own heart. Or there’s the children
in the stairs where he’s at night again,
and he’s sleeping. And he hears children laughing. So he goes and gets his parents. And they don’t find anything,
and they keep doing this. And then he follows the noise
and finds this little door beneath the stairs and opens it. And rah! Then, that’s the end. -And there was the one where
he was like, it was dark. And he wanted to
get a shortcut home. So he crossed his
neighbor’s yard. And as he was crossing
through the yard, he saw these red eyes
come towards him. And then, he was running. And at the end of the
story, he goes, rah! And he’s like, gah, my hand! -Yeah. -He just scares us. -Yeah. -Yeah. Lots of scary ones. -I tell lots of bedtime stories. The kids always liked
it a little scary. So I had this story
that I would tell them that was called
Heart in the Wall. And it was where
we told them that– or, I told them that
our house was brand new. And one of the
construction workers died on set– or, on the
job– and they buried him in the wall. And sometimes,
late at night, you can hear the little
[HEART BEATING] in the wall. And then, as I would leave,
about 10 minutes later, I would go bang on the wall. You’d hear them go, Bailey! Did you hear that? It was a lot of fun. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Hard working. -So hard working, mm,
I wouldn’t say silly, but he likes to goof off. -He likes to tease you. -Teasing. -He likes teasing. -And then, he’ll want us to
say this one, good looking. -Yeah, he’d like that one. -Tall, old, tall and old. Three? Blessed for sure, blessed. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Well physically,
we have his eyes. -And eyelashes. We look just like him. Well, kind of. -We look like both our parents. But we have his
eyes and eyelashes. -Yeah. Mentally? -I’m more like my mom. So I can’t really say this. But you have his patience level. I’m super impatient, and
she’s always patient. And that’s like my dad. -I am patient, yeah. Lots of different ways, I guess. -Well, they’re short. So that’s not like me. And they’re beautiful,
so they’re not like me. But they do have a
great sense of humor, and they can sing, which I think
I had something to do with. [MUSIC PLAYING] -He likes, what’s the name? What’s the name? What’s the name? Sunrise? No. -Tropical sunrise? -I ordered one for him
just the other day! What was it called? It’s red, and it’s tropical. -Sunrise something? Tropical sunrise. -Come on! I know the name of this one. -Does it have tropical in it? -It starts with an “H.” -My favorite Sonic drink is
the Route 44 Ocean Water. You gotta try that one. [MUSIC PLAYING] -A cartoon character? Probably Superman? -He’d want us to say Superman. So we’re going to
go with Superman. -Well, he is like Superman. He looks like a Superman. -Yeah, he does kind of. -Black hair, tall. -Yeah. Go, Superman! -Ever since I was a
kid, I liked Superman. I would want to be
a cartoon Superman. [MUSIC PLAYING] -I’m going to go
with night person because he usually stays
up late and then sleeps in in the mornings. -Well, not like a
lot of sleeping. But he stays up later
than me, and more than most people would. So I’m going to go with night. -I would say I’m definitely
a morning person. In fact, you can ask my kids. I’d come in in the morning
and I would sing to them, (SINGING) it’s time to
wake up in the morning. It’s time to wake up in the day! It’s time to wake
up, my sweet darling. Wake up before I spray! Then, I would spray them
with the water bottle. And their feet had to hit the
floor before the song was done, or they would get drenched. [MUSIC PLAYING] -No. I’m going to go with no. -I think he can. Because he was a dancer
because he has so many sisters. So I’m sure he can
touch his toes. -I don’t know about now. He’s kind of an old guy now! I don’t know if he
can touch his toes. -He probably can. -OK. -Of course I can touch my toes. [MUSIC PLAYING] -He’s good at singing. -That’s true. He likes to sing a lot. And he’s good at
editing, obviously, because he helps us edit a lot. He’s good at– -Taking care of kids. Carving pumpkins, he’s
really good at that. -Math. He’s really good at math, too. He’s good at lots
of things, actually. Thank you, Dad, for
doing this video with us. -Thank you, girls. You’re the best! I love you. -Aw. -I couldn’t ask for better
twins than Brooklyn and Bailey. I just really adore you. -You’re the best dad ever, Dad. -Thank you. -Also, don’t forget
to leave a comment below on what you guys
like about your dads. We would love to hear about it. And also, don’t forget to
like, share, and favorite. And we’ll see you
guys next week. Bye! -Bye, guys! [MUSIC PLAYING] -This is one of my
favorites from– they’re the tropical Starbursts. They’re actually kind of new. I was really excited when they
came out with the all red bag, because I just love the reds. But then, they came
out with these. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Who’s your best friend? -Daddy. -Daddy! There you go. That’s a good answer. -And Mommy loves Daddy. That is for you!