– [Jeremy] So we’ve been asked
to evacuate the restaurant because of a fire. – [Kendra] Good morning, friends. We are starting our day off with pancakes and scrambled eggs. Jeremy was the egg scrambler. Think he nailed it. And I was on pancake duty,
so there’s the pancakes, but I’m taking … – [Jeremy] You nailed the
pancakes. It’s a perfect color. – They’re fluffy, they’re fluffy. I added water to a mix, it
was really intense, but um, Isaac I’m taking him his first
two pancakes to start off and last time he ate
pancakes he ate 15 pancakes. Like the kid just, downs pancakes, but growing up, my family
ate pancakes on Sunday nights for dinner a lot and it was
like a contest every week to see who could eat the most
pancakes and, anyways, so … – I’m really bad at this game. – He is. – Like I could only eat like three. – Maybe. Honey, maybe only two. – I don’t know what it is,
but I’m not a pancake … – Breakfast is awesome. It’s the morning. – Luckily, you don’t
have to experience it. – We’ve got Matt and Em here. We’re gonna play more today. So it’s gonna be a fun day. – So in our family, it’s
a major rule that you keep the bathroom door
closed because of Laura. This is constantly how we find her if the door is left open. She comes in here, climbs into this part, and then she gets all wet. Do you wanna wash your hands? – Yeah. – Yeah. – Soap. – With soap? Okay. You just combin’ your
hair over there buddy? Good job little girl. So Laura has a similar
personality trait to Caleb that she wants to be doing
everything she sees me doing, and the older kids doing, all on her own. – There. – And we want to encourage
that kind of independence, we just wanna keep her alive. – I love this park. – Isn’t it fun? – I’m taller than you guys. – You guys ready? All done. (upbeat rock music) – Alright, we’ve decided to do a football game with everybody. And our first play is super secret. Give the ball to Laura and let her run. Hike! Go! – Run Laura run! Run, run, run, run, run! (laughter) – Aw, they got it. – Hike. Run, run, run, run, run, run, run! – [Matt] You’re going the wrong … Keep going, keep going, keep going! Emily, you’re lettin’ us down. – We scored with a pass from Elise to Mom. Well done. And now it’s the other team’s turn. He’s going. He’s running. Get ’em Cubby, get ’em Cubby. Alright, so Matt is showing us a game that they invented with his balls. What do we call this game? – Don’t Fall Off The Ball. – Uh, Caleb, you might wanna watch out. Isaac, you might wanna scoot away. Oo, this is a game while he pushes it? – No. (laughter) – Amazing, amazing! No, no. That was incredible. I think that they’ve been
practicing for the Olympics on this one for way too long. – I wasn’t thinkin’ they were done! – And they captured it. – How you doin’ dude? Nice, nice form on that one. Are you ready for a babysitter? – [Caleb] Yes. – Are you only using one hand? Can you do no hands at all? There he goes. – You’re gonna see him in the circus. (laughter) – Awesome, alright. Well we’ve got all the kids here and our awesome babysitter, McKayla. She’s my niece so if
you’re newer to our channel and she watches the kids regularly for us and she’s great. Alright, so it’s date night, and I’m excited to come down to the Plaza, and we are going to eat
at this place, which … – It’s a Brazilian steakhouse
where they bring it out and cut the meat off. We’ll show you. Come on. – That felt really cheesy,
like Mr. Rogers, like, “Let’s go inside.” Anyway, there’s music out
here, the weather’s gorgeous, this just makes me so excited for spring. So this is like a cheese bowl. Like, the bowl is made of cheese and there’s a whole bunch
of cheese inside of it. So I don’t think that I’ve
ever seen Matt this happy, like he’s – He’s giddy. – A kid in a candy store. (laughter) – So they just keep coming around with different kinds of meat and they cut it off and give it to you. It’s amazing. So we’ve been asked to
evacuate the restaurant because of a fire. Luckily, we’re right by the door. So the lady came running
by and opened the door and there’s a fire. – Oh Jeremy, there’s a fire truck. – Oh wow. – This is the real deal. Who knew we would go to dinner and there was gonna be a fire. – Does that mean we’re gettin’
outta payin for dinner? – Free food. Free food! Let’s just go! – I took a napkin. (laughter) – Go put it back in. – Yeah, no. Take the
napkin. Keep the napkin. Wow. We’re being asked to cross the street. So they have had a restaurant that blew up because a gas line leaked. So I’m hoping that’s what’s going on. – I can’t believe that just happened. Well I was able to return my napkin, which was important to me, and I feel really bad for the restaurant. It’s definitely closed for tonight. So, just to clarify. We did go up to the
manager and talk to them about how we just ate there, and they said not to worry
about the bill tonight because the restaurant wasn’t gonna be opening up back again. So, we are excited to not
have to pay for dinner, but we didn’t just eat and run. – So the Plaza is a really fun place with live music and dancing. (jazz music) – So since we’re ready we’re gonna get dessert at the restaurant. We’re here at Dairy Queen. On the drive over here, we
were talking about other times where we’ve been in situations
where the firemen have had to come, or policemen. So, let us know in the comments below if, there was a time where the
firefighters had to come in a place you were at. So this is really neat. It’s not a table. They have actually have a
lounging couch set up here. I think we’ve had enough
excitement for the night, so we’re gonna end it here. – J House out. (classic music) (screaming) (laughter)