welcome friends today we are continuing
our look at the Canadian butter tart and we are going to do the recipe out of the
Laura Secord Canadian cookbook and who’s more Canadian than Laura Secord born an
American a Traitor to her country because she was loyal to the crown and helped us win
the war of 1812 just saying I’m hoping these butter tarts are great so we’re
gonna cream together the brown sugar and the butter now this recipe calls for
corn syrup so we need about a cup of it and I hear you
you hate corn syrup you’ve heard in the news that high fructose corn syrup is
bad for you and you know what it is mostly because it’s in so many foods and
you can’t escape it and I don’t know that it’s bad for you all on its own but
consuming too much sugar any sugar is bad for you so I’m fine with using
regular corn syrup that is all glucose in my recipes because it’s just no
different than putting in brown sugar or white sugar or you know maple syrup for
that fact so there’s my little there’s my little rant about an ingredient in
goes the corn syrup next in a couple of eggs after the eggs a little bit of vanilla maybe a little bit more and this gets a
squeeze of lemon juice so about a teaspoon then we just mix that together okay next in are some currants and this
recipe specifically says to soak the currants in hot water and then drain
them so these have plumped up quite nicely see what that brings to the table
I have a pretty good idea what its gonna do but you know none of the other
recipes so far have said that step now the really wacky thing about this recipe
is that it says to prepare 15 lined muffin cups it makes 15 muffins 15 not
12 not 24 not 18 I mean all muffin cups that I’ve ever seen come in groups of
six so if anyone out there knows of muffin cups that come in I don’t know
groups of seven and a half or five please let me know I’d be very
interested to see them I want to know why this makes 15 doesn’t make any sense
to me at all so I’ve got 12 lined pastry cups and we’re just going to fill those
about 2/3 of the way full okay so I’m gonna have a little bit of
filling left over I guess I need to make more pastry it’s very important that you
don’t overfill but I think this one could use just a touch more because if
you overfill they will bubble up and just make a mess
now into the oven they go three for chart number three now see you still low
as raisins well I think there are raisins this time looks like no there’s
still cars they puffed up a lot so I had promised that we would do from the black
book The Canadian cookbook that’s what yeah but the recipe in this cookbook is
exactly the same as the one that we did last time from the hospital the first
written recipe yeah exactly this okay I still call the tart filling no they
changed the names of butter tart by this point okay so it’s not just hard you
know with the brown sugar molasses part I wonder when that changes like I wonder
if that sugar I wonder if it stayed the same just because it was traditional
book or if it if of that era there’s still that type I mean so this was this
was the 1969 printing it was given to my mom she’s 19 when did they first write
it that’s the question the first one the first ones were in the like 1920s yes
that’s probably why the recipe is still of that ilk no wait September 19 gifty
7067 so this is this is a late 60s cookbook that means that we do have two
coffees of it so you might have looked at a coffee that was printed after well
and that’s it so I wonder if today’s copy I wonder if they’re still printing
it if the recipe changed so what recipe did you use Laura Secord
because nothing says Canadian wait Laura Secord so taste it I want you to know
I’m telling y’all Mattel I want to know what the error of that book is oh this
is like 1967 – I was given to my grandmother – your grandmother for
miracle Nelson in like 1967 okay and we have two of this – because apparently
every family in Canada got one welcome to Canada here’s your cookbook alright okay I’m not gonna buy us you I know
it’s in here you didn’t you something is run here mm-hmm absolutely like it
though nice job in the crust I would eat a
dozen of them I it it’s not as I want to say there’s a fuller flavor than the
other one mm-hmm but I don’t know that it’s got that full butteriness okay that
I really liked it the first one of the second recipe the second one where I’ve
got sugary spit stuck on my okay so this one doesn’t have as much butter as the
second one huh put more butter than the first one yes
this one has way more sugar than either of them interesting but I got lemon in
it and I think the lemon cuts that sweetness a little bit uh-huh what about
this is an egg yeah there’s two eggs okay so yeah
there’s two eggs um so must be the butter that’s not that’s the okay got it
you know I like it I would eat this one before I eat the first one I didn’t like
the first one at all but it’s funny because I shared the first one in the
second with with a whole bunch of associates of ours and a lot of them
like that first one and not the second one no so it was because of the nuts see
I don’t like the nuts and in in some of them of us about the the fact that it
had that I guess the brown sugar yeah corn syrup mixed it’s so common today
and this is brown sugar and corn syrup yeah about half and half
so cup brown sugar and a cup of corn syrup I’m still not convinced that I
found the best butter tart yet you know VG best is relative right cuz completely
this may be the best butter chart ever for lots of people and this isn’t fine
but is justified butter firm I would not complain if you drop that in front of me
know and I’ll be fighting myself later tonight not to eat more
yeah but I’m gonna press on because I think there are more butter tarts to
explore from the classic from the classic genre of butter tarts not even
getting into the ones that have bacon and stuff no no just the standard just
the standard classic well we’ll go as far as raisin / currents or walnuts but
that that’s that that’s cutters we’re going in these ones so keep trying keep
trying if you want to give this a shot I mean this is a great butter tart if this
is your first foray into butter tarts I think and the other thing is so feel
free to make them and then give your own feedback on all the recipes as we go
through this series I end up getting 18 butter tarts the recipe says it makes
1515 weeks 15 butter tarts so I stretched it and I got 18 butter tarts
so I’ll reflect that in Siegen soo you