Hello pastry chefs! It’s Christelle. I hope you are well
for this latest recipe of the year. To finish 2017 in beauty,
I chose a mango-vanilla log. It’s a recipe that’s really light you’ll see. She is not very sweet! The mango insert inside is really delicious. The cream is super smooth. I hope you enjoy the recipe. As usual, I put you
ingredients and materials in info bar. Do not forget to unwind, you will find
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it is now and we are right after. We start with the mango insert. You place 2.5 sheets of gelatin
in a bowl of cold water. Then you peel 2 mangoes and you cut them into pieces. You are careful not to cut yourself, not like me who will finish the video
with a bandage on the thumb. You cut up
what is left of the nuclei, then you pour all this into a saucepan. Then add 60 g caster sugar. You mix, you cook like that
for about ten minutes or so until the mangoes
become really melting. You put everything in a blender. I used Cookingchef Blender from Kenwood because I am currently testing it. You add the gelatin and you mix. You will then pour the preparation
in mini-cake molds. You take what you have, if you have insert molds, you take the insert molds
and you put in the freezer during the rest of the preparation. We go to the dacquoise.
You will whip 2 egg whites. Then you leave them in the tank
and you place directly colander above or sieve. And you will add 60 g of icing sugar. You sift, it will avoid having lumps, then you add 60 g of powder
almonds and sift again. And what’s left are you keeping it
for another preparation. Here, we really need
that the almond powder is very fine. You add a pinch of vanilla powder and you mix
very gently with the maryse. It does not matter if there are pieces left Anyway, they will disappear when we go poaching. You put everything in a pocket
socket with a smooth socket. And you pocket a rectangle
the size of your log mold which is just a little smaller, it will be perfect. Then sprinkle with icing sugar and you bake for 12 minutes at 180 degrees. For the biscuit base, you will simply mix together 100 g biscuits speculoos and 40 g of melted butter. If you want, you can use other cookies like small Saint-Michel patties, what you have according to your tastes. You book all that. We go to Bavarian moss. You open a vanilla pod in 2,
you scratch the seeds well and you put everything in a saucepan with 25 cl of whole milk. You heat up and then let it infuse
half an hour, one hour in the ideal. The more it is brewed, the more there will be a taste of vanilla. Then you will whip together
2 egg yolks and 60 g caster sugar until the mixture whitens. You remove the vanilla pod from the milk and you add this vanilla milk
little by little while whipping in the yellow egg mixture and sugar. You go slowly to avoid lumps. You go there several times. You then put everything back in the pan and you will heat up to 84 degrees. The ideal is to go up to 82. That way, we do not risk exceeding the 84 because after 84 ° C, the eggs will coagulate. So, especially never above 84. You then add 2 sheets
gelatin that you have rehydrated and you let cool. In the meantime, we are going to whip
25 cl whole cream. You simply mount it, there is no
need it to be very very firm. And you will add it to our
English cream that has just been prepared, by mixing always very gently
with a maryse, going little by little. We go to editing. I used a log mold with a quilted bottom, I put you the references in info bar. You pour 2/3 of the Bavarian moss, then you have the inserts
with mango, pressing lightly. You then smooth with a spatula, then pour the rest of Bavarian moss. Then you place the dacquoise. You do not do like me,
you do not break it into a thousand pieces. And you put in the freezer for about
half an hour, the time it hardens. Then, you will spread the biscuit base pressing well with the back of a spoon, you really have to pack well. And then, I filled up then
the holes with what was left of cream. You put in the freezer for at least 4h, the ideal is to leave it all night. Then you turn out and you will spray the velvet spray. You have less 10% with the code “CHRISTELLE10” on the store Scrapcooking. You spray it on the still frozen dessert it’s important at 20 – 25 cm distance. Then I decorated with small golden beads
which I also found at Scrapcooking. Before serving, let it defrost
at least 4 hours in the refrigerator and it will be perfect. That’s it the recipe is over,
I hope you liked it. We meet again in 2018 and I hope that by then,
I’ll have time to finish the decor of my kitchen. And see you soon for a next recipe. It will be Wednesday 15h. Ciao! And do not forget to subscribe by clicking on my head.