Hello, everybody. Today! At Hyundai Department Store in Cheonho-dong I prepared something called Kangnung Garlic Bread. It’s 15,000 won I prepared coffee for the drink. I prepared coffee for the drink. He recommended garlic bread twice in the comments.
I’m ready. Honestly, I didn’t expect it.
I really want to eat at Hyundai Department Store in Cheonho-dong. I bought garlic bread and went home quickly. So I’ll try it quickly. Then, like! Subscribe! Instagram followers, please. I like the chewy taste of this drink. Cream cheese in garlic bread.Wow The garlic scent of garlic and cream cheese of garlic bread went well together. It’s so plain and delicious! It’s a taste you’ll know if you eat it yourself. No matter how delicious the cream cheese is,
It’s greasy. But it’s too sweet.👍 Awesome… Of all the garlic bread I ate, It’s incomparably delicious! Awesome… Here, TMI (Always clean in front of camera🤭) Please press “subscribe” and “Like”