Nice to meet you, Cocoball. Today’s video is 100,000 subscribers Thank you very much to our fans who always support us I feel better because it’s a video that I see as many as 100,000 subscribers as soon as I wake up this morning. I’ll try harder I eat cake every time my subscribers increase This is a special cake for 100,000 subscribers. If you know, I belong to a sandbox agency. The cake is so pretty
Do you see the letters 10k hearts So pretty I like chocolate again. So I think you made cake with chocolate Drink is coffee. This flower is raw, so you shouldn’t eat it. number 1 The cream is too soft It doesn’t have a lot of creamy taste and the chocolate sheet is soft bread cake I’m already eating 100,000 subscriber cakes … Next month, it’s been a year since I started YouTube. Oh, did you remove the flowers on this cake and show the letters? I have no sense It’s been a while since I joined my company. I think I came in July. Is it August? It means to walk only on flower paths, right? Probably I want to eat cake eaters every time there are 10,000 subscribers 110,000, 120,000, 130,000 … You won’t be able to eat cake. It tastes like my favorite cream The cake is so soft Thank you again for 10,000 subscribers Happy New Year I really enjoyed the meal