Good old cereal. When you walk down the cereal
aisle as an adult, it is nowhere near as exciting as it was when you were a child. Is that because
you have changed or because the cereals have? Maybe both? Here is the first part of a two
part list – 10 childhood cereals that you completely forgot about – part 1. Banana Frosted Flakes From 1981 to 1984 there were Banana Frosted
Flakes. Can you even imagine? Is this something that you had eaten or something you are hearing
about now for the first time? This idea may sound a little funny but if you think about
it hard enough you may realize that you have actually cut slices of real bananas into your
cereal before or seen someone else do it. Banana is a morning food. So is cereal. It
only makes sense that they go together! The box for this cereal was also warm and sunny
and very inspirational. The box gave off good morning vibes to say the least. It portrayed
the trusty and familiar Tony the Tiger holding a big bunch of bananas and wearing a straw
hat. Did you know that if you have just one banana it is called a finger? Many is a bunch
and one is a finger. Bet you didn’t know that! So now you know there were Banana Frosted
Flakes and that one banana is called a finger! If this version of the cereal was brought
back, would you give it a go? Count Chocula When we think of friendly cartoon vampires
today we think about Adam Sandler voicing the vampire/hotel owner/father in the Hotel
Transylvania movies. Back in the day when this film franchise had not yet been created,
when children thought about vampires they thought about two things: Count von Count
from Sesame Street and Count Chocula. Count Chocula cereal was first released in March
of 1971. Sesame Street first aired in 1969. They both began around the same time and each
offered children a vampire that was unlike any frightening Halloween version of a vampire.
These vampires were kind and sweet. In fact, Count Chocula was literally sweet, as his
cereal was chocolatey and even had marshmallow bits! Count Chocula cereal was actually part
of a whole line of cereals called Monster Cereals. This line was created by General
Mills and also featured Franken Berry, a friendly Frankenstein monster. As well as Boo Berry,
featuring you guessed it, a friendly Ghost monster. These monster mascots have a decidedly
Tim Burton-esque design to them, being more charming, than scary. Clearly this charm worked
as all three of these Monster cereals are still produced today, albeit on a seasonal
basis, so go-ahead and re-live sugar-y, monster-y goodness! Dino Pebbles The Flintstones were incredible. They were
one of the first animated families to be brought into homes across America via the television.
They were also the first animated series to hold a prime time slot. The show first aired
in 1960 and only ran for six years. In those six years, one hundred and sixty six episodes
of magic happened, and now many people still remember the Flintstones, the Rubbles, and
the Great Gazoo. To celebrate this famous television program, there were cereals. There
were actually many versions and varieties to choose from over the years, such as: Cocoa
Pebbles, Fruity Pebbles, and Bamm-Bamm Pebbles to name a few. Dino Pebbles were launched
in the 80s. So the Flintstones were already retro then. What does that make them now?
Ancient? Or maybe prehistoric? Dino Pebbles ran for about ten years and then slowly drifted
from the market as the cartoon did from programming. When we look back at this cereal, we are also
looking back at a TV show, its characters, and the impact it had on our lives. Did any
of you run home from school to watch the Flintstones? Would you watch it over lunch? Saturday morning?
Dino Pebbles bring back an array of emotions and memories. This cereal is also fun because
it features Dino, the family “dog” from the cartoon sitcom. He was happy, loving,
and big and purple, kind of like Barney. Maybe Dino was the inspiration for Barney. Strawberry Shortcake This next one is on the list of Childhood
Cereals You Completely Forgot About because of the smell. Remember the artificial strawberry
smell of the Strawberry Shortcake cereal? If you can’t, you can probably imagine it.
This cereal was a General Mills product and was first brought into the market in 1982.
It featured the cutest little Strawberry Shortcake mascot. Did you know Strawberry Shortcake
the cartoon character was first designed for greeting cards? The beloved character then
made it into cereal. Everything that was popular in those times had a brief period on a cereal
box. Cereal boxes were the best way to communicate with kids back then. They were the best way
to give them both an edible product and a toy. It was a win-win. The child got something
yummy and fun out of it and the company gets the reoccurring revenue because the kid wants
to buy more of the product so they can collect all the toys. Those were the easy days. The
good-old days. They were for cereal and for the promotion of characters, that’s for
sure! Today we have so many popular characters that do not make it onto a cereal box. How
sad that is. C3PO’s “Two crunches in every double O” said
the commercial, as the classic Star Wars theme played in the background. Two crunches! Why
is that? Well, this cereal put two traditional O’s together to create two Os, which looked
a lot like a figure eight. C3PO’s were a Kellogg’s brand that obviously celebrated
and advertised the C-3PO droid from Star Wars. The cereal was released in 1984 after the
premier of the third Star Wars film from the original trilogy. These were super fun boxes
to get if you were a cereal eater and a Star Wars fan because you not only had the very
satisfying “two crunches in every double O”, but you also had the chance of finding
some collectables! Some boxes had plastic rebel rockets in them. Others had stickers
or trading cards. Some of the boxes even had masks on the back that you could cut out and
wear. This was back in the day when children were not afraid to do some crafts and actually
paid attention to their boxes of cereal. This may be an overgeneralization but the facts
are the facts: cereal boxes are not as cool for children as they once were. C3PO’s had
it all! They had the yummy and familiar cereal taste that is enhanced and made even better
than it had been before. They had the recognizable characters. They had fun surprises in the
boxes AND they had cool boxes. We miss you C3PO’s and we only wish you or products
like you were being released now as Star Wars is being revamped. Hear that Kellogg’s?
Bring this back please! Oreo O’s This cereal was basically just like Cheerios
but with Oreo flavored O’s. Oreo O’s were made by Post Cereals from Post Consumer Brands.
It launched in 1997 and had a very successful 10 year run before before being discontinued
in 2007. Spoiler alert, these were eventually brought back and are currently widely available
and yet again successful. So the question remains, why were they ever discontinued in
the first place? Why would a very good product and trusty brand name like Oreo stop making
something that must have been profitable? Well, the answer is a political one. Back
in the day, Post Cereals and Kraft foods had a deal. This deal allowed them to co-brand.
In 2007 this co-branding stopped. This means that Post Cereals owned the rights to producing
the cereal itself, while Kraft owned the copyrights to the name Oreo. Therefore, neither one of
the companies could function and legally make and sell this product without the other’s
help and consent. Even in the cereal game there are politics and rights and wrongs.
It is not all happy morning music and rainbows. That is just for our kid fantasies and, well,
the commercials. Bart Simpson Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch If you watched The Simpsons as a kid, you
ran to get to the television in time to see the couch bit. It was always different…
or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe you would run to get to the TV and be disappointed because
you’ve seen it before. Maybe you had to hang up the phone with your friend, cutting
them off. If you watched The Simpsons you are also aware of Bart’s prank calls to
Moe’s Tavern. You love Bart for his fun attitude and reckless behavior. You would
have been one of the ones to eat the Bart Simpson cereal. It was a special edition cereal
ran by Kellogg’s, so there was never any intention of it staying on the market. The
last time they ran a special edition Simpson’s cereal was in 2003, when they sold Bart Simpson’s
No ProbemO’s and Eat My Shorts cereals in the UK. The Bart Simpson Peanut Butter Crunch
was only on the market for a year, between 2001 and 2002. It is missed and all eyes are
on the shelves awaiting the next limited edition. Cinnamon Mini Buns One big, hot, steamy cinnamon bun with icing
on the top is truly delicious. How about three or four mini cinnamon buns on a spoon bathing
in milk? They are crispy and crunchy and cinnamon-y too! Kellogg’s Cinnamon Mini Buns brought
the ever delightful classic, the cinnamon bun, into cereal bowls and we will never forget
it. The bonus with having the cereal version as opposed to the actual bun version is the
calories. When marketing this cereal, Kellogg’s promised that “Eating 70 Cinnamon Buns Can
Be Nutritious!” Taking today’s standards into consideration, we know this is unlikely
the truth. There is not a chance that the cereal resembled any of the nutritious competition
now on the market. But, back then, the sugar content was probably less than most of the
brands out there. Cinnamon Mini Buns were first sold in 1991 and left very soon after
in 1993. French Toast Crunch For those who were not eating Cinnamon Mini
Buns but loved the taste of cinnamon, there was French Toast Crunch. It was like having
tons and tons of cinnamon French toast in a bowl of cereal. Remember the picture on
the box of the French Toast slices being your cereal pieces! It was like you were eating
loaves and loaves and loaves. This cereal does not need to be elaborated on because
we all remember it like it was yesterday. It was just that good. So if you completely
forgot about this cereal, now is the time for action. While it was discontinued in the
US in 2006 it was brought back by popular demand in 2014. Get on out and grab yourself
a box of French Toast Crunch and fill that bowl right to the top. Those tasty crunchy
bites of cinnamon and syrupy goodness will take you back in time – sitting on the floor
with your big bowl of cereal watching Saturday morning cartoons. Pop Tarts Crunch Okay. There is bad news and good news. The
bad news is that this cereal was discontinued in 1995. But, you already knew that. You have
already mourned that loss. You have already gone through all the stages of grief and come
out the other side. Now, it is time for the good news. In 2018, the rumour mill started
churning up about the possibility of Pop Tarts Crunch making a comeback, and people got very
excited. These remained as rumours for some time until in January of 2019, when it happened.
Kellogg’s re-released Pop Tarts Crunch, under the name Pop Tarts Cereal and unleashed it’s
deliciousness unto the world. Pop Tarts Cereal comes in the same two flavors as the original
Pop Tarts Crunch, which are Strawberry, and Brown Sugar Cinnamon. There is also a Cookies
& Cream flavour floating around that seems to be a bit harder to find. They were originally
a Walmart exclusive, but now they can be found elsewhere and the growing success is good
news for those hoping they will add more flavors down the road, we’re patiently waiting for
the S’mores Pop Tarts Cereal, please… Stick around and check out one of these 4
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