Welcome to Curiosity! The most exciting experiments are waiting for you Let’s start with an amazing slime that is going to become alive To prepare this cool magnetic slime you need a whole container of clear liquid glue some acrylic glitter (the silver one in this case) and mix it all up with a few water Lastly, add metal shavings and some borax It looks like regular gorgeous slime but once you approach with a magnet, it becomes alive! By mixing different acrylic glitters, you can also create your own personal color as well as a frightening glowing slime for a spectacular scary party To create a magic rainbow on your plate, just arrange some M&M’s or Smarties in a circle add some water at room temperature or even a bit warmer and enjoy this magic rainbow Get ready to try the best and weird fruits you’ve ever tasted Take some fruits like oranges, kiwis and apples remove the insides by using a spoon Prepare different gelatin and water solutions in various colors and flavors Puor some gelatin in each fruit together with a few fruit chunks removed from before Have you ever wondered what happens when you mix Coca Cola with milk? The phosphoric acid of Coca-Cola reacts with the proteins of milk and gives rise to a precipitate transforming it into an odd transparent liquid Do you want to be able to see music? By mixing corn starch and water you can create the simplest non-Newtonian fluid a strange substance called oobleck that acts in a non-linear way to the applied force Pour it in a baking tin and place it on a large subwoofer driven at a sufficiently high volume Play your favourite music and enjoy the show! It will thicken and form standing waves in response to low frequency sound waves from the speaker To create an explosive elephant’s toothpaste prepare a solution of dried yeast and warm water as well as a solution of food coloring, dishwasing liquid and hydrogen peroxide When you mix these two solutions, an incredible exothermic reaction will take place Being able to maintain a fire even underwater is really hard Take a couple of sparklers and wrap them up in insulating tape To increase the effect, put some matches at one end While a common sparkler will would die as soon as it gets wet by the water our modified sparklers will stay on even underwater A gummy hand for a joke or for a wacky party Mix gelatin and warm water as instructed on the package take a rubber glove and hang it in an upright position Pour the prepared gelatin solution and wait a few hours Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to Curiosity for more incredible videos