(light mystical music) – [Voiceover] Tampo. – [Voiceover] When you’re
not really angry at someone, but you’re not really
happy about them either. – [Voiceover] Pambahay. – [Voiceover] A comfortable set of clothes usually worn at home,
away from judging eyes. – [Voiceover] Lambing. – [Voiceover] An intense tenderness, sweetness, and affection
rolled into one word. – [Voiceover] Papak. – [Voiceover] To eat a
food item that’s usually eaten with rice on it’s own. – [Voiceover] Gigil. – [Voiceover] An intense urge to pinch something or someone really cute. It could also be an expression of anger, so use with discretion. – [Voiceover] Pikon. – [Voiceover] Refers to people who are hot-headed, easily
angered, or sore losers. – [Voiceover] Umay. – [Voiceover] The feeling
of being satiated after eating a particular food
over and over again. – [Voiceover] Kilig. – [Voiceover] The feeling
of being on cloud nine, usually associated with romantic feelings. – [Voiceover] Torpe. – [Voiceover] A person who is too shy to express or pursue amorous desires. – [Voiceover] Lihi. – [Voiceover] An irrational
craving for something, often associated with pregnant women. (upbeat translucent music)