– Hey bro, want some chips? – Yeah, for sure. (scream)
(laughing) Bro! – Bro, I’m sorry, I got you this this chocolate cake pop. – Oh cool, thanks. – Yeah. (crunching) – Oh, wait, what?
(clapping) (laughing) (ding ding ding)
– It’s Brussels sprouts covered in chocolate.
– What? – So guys, right now, we’re gonna teach you how to make this so that way
you can do this to everyone. – Ew. First we gotta use some olive oil spray. – I wonder how this
tastes. Use my spatula. (dramatic noise) – It’s really good, huh? – Oh, man. (grossed out noise) You gotta pop open this chocolate. First, the Collins test. – What, you just pranked me and now you get to have
a ton of chocolate? – Uh huh. Okay this stuff is good.
(ding) And now we’re gonna add the chocolate in. Wooh that’s a lot of chocolate. – [Devin] Dude, it’s starting to melt. – [Both] Ooh! – At this moment, I’m really
regretting the decision to put brussel sprouts
in here ’cause like, imagine just dipping like strawberries, and like other delicious foods. Oh my God, this stuff is… – Bro this is going quick. – This is melting super quick. We’re turning off the heat ’cause the last thing we want to do is roast our chocolate and burn it. – We also wanna save the pot so – Oh yeah, yeah. – We’ve kinda ruined a lot of pots. – We ruined a lot of pots. – Sorry, Mom. As you’re mixing that, I’m gonna be in charge of getting these brussel sprouts on some skewers. – Let’s chocolate this sprout. – [All] Boom! – That looks cool. If I didn’t know this
was a brussel sprout, which Devin clearly didn’t, this looks really, really good. So right now I’m gonna
pop it in the freezer. Oh no, losing some chocolate.
– What? – I need all the chocolate I can get. And then I’m gonna try and eat
it and to see how it tastes. It’s finally frozen, and I’ve realized I don’t wanna eat it. – Wait, what? – I don’t wanna. It looks disgusting
– Bro you agreed to do it. You have to do it. (frustrated groan) You pranked me twice, bro. – Okay, fine I’ll eat it. And just wanna let you know, Devin, I have right here, the box of mystery. – Okay. – And inside the box of mystery, I’ve got the craziest prank of all time, and we’re not gonna do it right now. We’re gonna do this at
the end of the video. – Oh no. – It may look all pink and
nice and happy, but trust me, it’s terrible. Time for me to eat a brussel sprout. Brussels. – No, no.
– Uh huh, uh huh. – You can’t do that.
– What? – You have to bite into it. – I am.
(beep) – [Both] Three, two, one. (cracking) – No!
(laughing) How? You’re like the luckiest person ever. – Woohoo! – You cannot get off that easy. You have to eat the
brussel sprout now, bro. And you know what, I’m
actually taking off the rest of the chocolate sprout. – No, it’s just a brussel sprout. Oh man, I’m not looking forward to this. – [Both] Three, two, one. (crunching) (Devin laughs) – Holy cow. – Your breath is gonna smell so bad. (crying) Let’s go. – All right Collins, I feel super bad for making you eat this
uncooked brussel sprout. – It was terrible. – So, I got you a little gift, here. – Wait a second, bro,
I am super suspicious of anything you give me, especially during this video. – What, why? – [Collinw] What is that? – [Devin] Whoa, chill out,
it’s just jelly, dude. – You’re sure that’s just jelly? – Yeah, dude it looks like jelly, right? – All right. (screaming) – It’s Sriracha sauce, eh.
(ding ding ding) (Collin yelling) – The thing about this is like, It tastes so good at first,
you just taste the donut and the glaze, and then it’s like, Waboom! Tastebuds are on fire. How do you do this prank? – So we use this here. We fill it up with sriracha sauce, dip it in like this then you extract some sriracha sauce. – Oh, okay here we go, let me do the same thing. – Yo!
– Get your sriracha sauce. – [Collins] Okay, cool, I
got a ton of sriracha sauce. – [Devin] I’m just going
in right over here. – [Collins] And then just kinda
like push it in like this? – [Devin] Yep, you just push it in. – It like goes right in. – Bro. – Why would you use sriracha sauce, Devin? – Why, I didn’t, I made
a jelly one just for me. Oh no, I got some sriracha on my finger. Okay, wait, real quick. Just gonna switch the jelly one with the sriracha one and
I need to wipe off my… (screams)
– Bro, why would you do that? (pop) – Ya gotta go get your paper towels, man. – Ah, okay. (pop) – Ya get it?
– Yeah, I got ’em. – All right, cool. Now that you’ve got your hands cleaned off let’s do a little taste test right now. – Alright. – And your can try your jelly one and I’ll eat my sriracha
sauce one again, okay? – Awesome, let’s do it. – Here we go. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Wait, wait first five
second subscribe challenge. We want to see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post
notifications in five seconds. Are you ready? Here we go. – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one. Done. – If you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad right now.
– Comment down below. – Not excited to eat this donut. – Bro I can’t wait. – I know, you got the jelly one. – I know.
(laughs) – [Both] Three, two, one. – (screams) Bro. (Collin laughs) Why, why would you do this? (scream) It’s so hot, oh no, no. Water. – Okay, guys, so Devin
right now is in the bathroom and he’s washing out his
mouth cause sriracha sauce is just destroying him,
and what I’m gonna do is I actually stole his toothbrush. I’m gonna put some food coloring on it. That way when he goes to brush his teeth it’ll like stain his teeth rainbow. Alright, so I’m gonna start off with blue – [Devin] Hey, Collin, have
you seen my toothbrush? – No, I haven’t, why? – [Devin] I don’t know, I can’t find it. – Well I’d keep looking,
like check the drawers. *whispering* I gotta go fast. – [Devin] Bro, it’s really not anywhere. – It’s actually, it’s
over here on the table. – [Devin] Why is it on the table? Okay, great.
– Yep. – Thanks. – Here, ya wanna sit down,
there’s some toothpaste over here, too.
– Oh. – I had it set before the video in case we need to, you know,
brush our teeth, so, here. – It’s not really interesting to see me brush my teeth, bro. – It actually is, bam, alright, there ya go. – Alright, gonna go brush my teeth. – No, no, no, no. Stay in here, cause we gotta do one other thing, first. You need to start brushing your teeth. We got water right there. – What? – You gotta stay hydrated,
you can start brushing. – All right. – Here’s what we’re gonna do guys (laughing) Bro, look at it (scream)
(laughing) – Wait, why? What did you do to me? – Your teeth are all rainbow. There’s food dye in the toothbrush. – Bro really? – Moving on, before we do this next one, I just gotta just, my
lips are kinda chapped. – Oh, okay, cool. – Almost. – Bro, let’s go. It’s not looking like it’s really working Bro, what are you doing? – Huh? – Bro, that’s chapstick. Bro, what are you doing? You don’t do that with chapstick. – Mmmmmm – Oh, that’s so gross. – Oh, sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. This is white chocolate, you melt down and put in a chapstick
– What? So we’re gonna teach you how to freak out your friends with this because it’s really fun, but they will have no idea. They’ll think you’re just
like, eating chapstick. Which is really gross.
– Yeah. This is what I call the Long Shot, shot, Shot. Shot! (scream) Now, time to melt this down. – Oh no, it’s starting to burn. – All right, well luckily
we got the chapstick. It’s not ready yet. – What? – No, no, no, no, no
– What? – I need to twist it out. Dude, twist, twist, twist. – I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it. (chomp) (scream) Holy cow! Don’t do that. Don’t do that! Don’t do that! – I got it, I got it. It’s done. It’s done. (yelling) – Dude it’s burnt! (screaming)
We burnt the chocolate! Oh no! How do you burn chocolate? I guess now it’s no
longer white chocolate. It’s now dark chocolate. You’re gonna put this like this. – Ew! Holy cow, I think we messed it up. – You’re not gonna fool anybody with this. – Let me see how this tastes. Ow, it’s hot, it’s hot. – It is? – All right guys this did not work, this is kinda a fail. So, we are on to the next round. But trust me, it does work. Just don’t burn your chocolate. (alarm) – Alright, Collin, I made us a nice Gatorade drink for our break right now.
– Thank you. I appreciate it.
– You’re welcome. That’s so nice, I feel like it’s gonna be a prank, though. – Wait, why? – Mmmmm, Bro it is so good – I can’t get any. What is this? – Bro, it’s Jello. (cheering) – Oh! – I thought it was the jiggling juice, but it’s really the Jello. So for this prank, all you’re
gonna need is some Jello. catch it Devin. Catch it.
– I got it, I got it. – Good catch. Some more Jello, the red kind as well. And then you’re gonna need some olive oil. Sike. So we’re gonna add one cup
of water to the hotplate. Sizzle, sizzle. We have to get the water
boiling so we gotta turn it on. Roast it. Quickly, Devin add it, it’s boiling. – It’s time to add the Jello too. – All right, this smells
actually delicious right now. – This smells so good right now. – So I guess we just
gotta kind of mix it up until it emulsifies. – Nice. – I don’t know if that’s the right… Please check the definition on that. All right, then we turn off the hot plate. Just gonna pour it in. – I’m so scared right now. Don’t miss. (cheering) – That was crazy cool. – Oh, a little bit spilled. – Fill the rest up with cold water. – All right. – Then, now, we have fun straws. – Yay. – I’m gonna stretch
all fun straws at once. – Why? – 3, 2, 1. (crackling) – That was no where near as satisfying as I thought it would be. – Well, these fun straws aren’t fun. So now, next step is we
gotta pop this is the fridge. – What?
(laughing) Oh, that’s hot, okay, cool, here we go. (ding) – [Narrator] Eventually… All right, guys it’s finally done and this looks crazy. But first, I wanna pull the straw out. Yo, it’s like pulling out a giant chunk of Jello with it. I wanna try this. That was awesome! It’s like a straw filled with Jello. Let’s see how this thing tastes. – 3, 2, 1. – [Both] Mmmm – All right Collins, I’ve got some donuts. – Yo, donuts! Wait a minute.
– Yeah. – Hold up, hold up, hold up, I know what you’re thinking. That these are bad donuts, and I’m about to prank you, but no, these are both delicious and as a vote of confidence for you, I’ll eat one with you. – Okay, I do not like this bro. All right, you ready? – I’m ready. – Actually, ya know what, I want yours. Cause I’m sure if there
was a prank, here we go, – What?
– I want yours. – Okay – All right, ya ready?
– [Both] 3, 2, 1 – Wait, wait, first, three second like challenge. If you like this video in three seconds, here we go, ya ready? – [Both] Three, two, one, done. This kinda has a funny smell to it. – It’s just powdered sugar bro. – All right, here we go, 3, 2, 1. – All right, let’s do it. (screaming) What, what happened? – Baby powder. – Yean it is. – He gave me baby powder. – Yeah, it is. – That is not good. – Oh, yeah it is. (screaming) – Yeah – That’s the whole prank, just like baby powder on donuts. – Yep, That’s it. – Alright, let’s go to the next one. Oh my gosh, my eyes are watering that was just like… (whines) I do not like that prank
for multiple reasons and like one of them is I got
baby powder all over my hands. I’m gonna go wash my hands really quick. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, no, no, no. Bro I got you. I got hand sanitizer right here. Here you go. – How much should I use? – I don’t know. – This hand sanitizer is like extra thick. Hold on wait like … Yo! – What? – What the heck is this? – Bro, it’s clear glue. – No, you glued my hands together. Yeah, yeah I did. – What? Bro they’re legit stuck,
– Really? – Try to pull them apart. I can’t get them apart. My hands are stuck together, like I can’t even get them apart. So show them I guess how you do it. – Yeah, so basically, you take a regular hand sanitizer, you unscrew the top, empty the bottle, and then you take some clear
glue and fill that back up, and then you use it on your friend. – Well, be careful guys
because my hands are literally glued together right now. I have to go figure out how to like, separate my hands and then we’ll go on to the next round. – I’ve heard hand sanitizer works for that so let’s just use some
hand sanitizer right there. – Is that more glue? (laughing)
That’s more… – I can’t believe you fell for that. – I’m done, I’m done, I’m out. I’m out. – Alright, bye Collins. Bro, check out this glass ornament I made. – That thing is awesome. – I know, it looks pretty cool. I wonder how it tastes, bro. – No Devin, Devin, no. What is it?! – It’s just jello, bro. – No way, let me see this. – Yeah bro.
(chomps) (screams) This one is super fun to make. All you need is some jello. You’re gonna need some more jello. (squeaky voices) Just kidding all we’re going
to need right now is the jello. Again. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to take water,
and you’re gonna fill it up. – I half expected you to throw that water. – Oh that’s a good idea. – No, no. (scream) (slow motion scream) So I guess that’s like
a little bonus prank you can just dump water on someone. – That’s not a prank bro. – Let’s dump this into the hot plate. Alright so now it’s starting to boil so we each add three full packets. We gotta pour all of them all at once. – Wait what? – Alright we gotta mix it together. – It’s congealing and
it smells disgusting. Oh man! – Oh man
– Holy cow that’s disgusting. Jello smells good, but gelatin, not good.
– Not so good – Alright Devin so now we
gotta fill up our containers. This smells so disgusting. Let’s get this thing outta here cause woo, it smells. – Don’t eat it please. – Eee, nope. I’m just going to add
a ton of food coloring and hope it takes over. Alright now I’ve gotta mix it up it’s a deep, deep, deep blue. I’m going to add mine in. There we go, done… Oh bro it smells disgusting. – Ah, yeah. – The top is on, done. We’re going to put this in the fridge and let’s see if we can get the smell out of here, alright, let’s go. Now they are done and let’s
see how they turned out. You ready? – [Both] Oh! – [Devin] Bro!
– [Collins] Holy cow! (yelling)
That’s crazy. And now, Devin, the finishing touch. We’ve got the top of the ornament so you take one, kind of squish it in. Tada! Alright, so right, guys,
now we’re coming down to the finale and then
you’re going to find out what’s inside the mystery box. Here it is, the moment of truth. It all comes down to the
box of mystery, Devin. You get to open it up. I’m just gonna kinda to sit back. – You got me scared now. (laughing) You scared me so bad – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – I’m gonna get it over with. Alright, three, two, one… What, bro what? A piece of cardboard? – No, no no no, see this cardboard is actually very important and you guys will see why right now. Alright, here we go. I’ve got some eggs – Wait, no no no no. – Don’t worry I’m just putting
them on the plate here. There we go, that’s definitely not how
you’re supposed to crack an egg but… For this prank, you are
going to need three eggs. – How much flour Collins? – I would say just enough to kind of like fill up the surface of the plate. So now I’ve gotta get my
scrambling arm together scramble, scramble, scramble, scramble. Next I take the breadcrumbs, place them on this plate over here. – Bro I have no idea what
we’re doing this for. – Trust me, Devin, it’ll all make sense. This is probably the
craziest prank of them all. Alright, let the prank begin. So step one, put this here in the egg. – Oh, that’s gross. – Use a fork to flip it. – Okay. – And then we’ll get side number two There we go Bam! Then we’re moving to the flour get it kinda in there, just really move it around cool and then we’ll flip it over. Oh man, I’m sorry. I got flour everywhere.
– Oh, gross. – And thenDevin, you get to pick this up and then kind of dunk
it in the breadcrumbs. – Wait, but I don’t want to Ew. – Actually, wait. Before you do that just
to ensure that it sticks, I’m going to drizzle
more egg on top of it. – No, why, that’s a lot. – Yep so there you go. – Ew – Alright. So now you’re
going to flip it over Devin. – Alright
(exclamations) – You’ve gotta get… Get some more egg juice on there. There we go, perfect. There we go. ‘Cause we need to make sure that the breadcrumbs stick to it, Devin. You’re going to want to get your hands in there at this point and you’re just gonna
want to take it like this and then just really work it in like that. That’s how you gotta do
a good prank right here. Alright, there we go, we now have all the crumbs on it. – Bro, I don’t even get what this is for. – Trust me, you’ll
understand in just a moment. Alright, here we go. – Wait bro, what, you’re
deep frying cardboard? – Exactly Yo, it is like sizzling bro. – I am so confused right now. – Call me Master Chef, Devin, because currently I am a Master Chef. – I don’t believe you. – Alright time to flip it over. Man, these tongs are not
easy to deal with bro. (exclamations) Holy cow it’s coming around and turn it over like that. Bam. – What are we making? – So this right here is a cardboard chicken cutlet sandwich. But because of the breadcrumbs it smells just like a chicken cutlet like it’s crazy. It smells like it, it looks like it, but the real question is is
it going to taste like it? – I don’t think so, it’s cardboard bro. – We’re going to do a rock paper scissors to find out who has to eat it, best two out of three. – [Both] Rock paper scissors shoot, rock paper scissors shoot. (exclamations) Devin’s about to have
to take a bite of that and comment down below
what is your favorite food that we should incorporate into a prank? This time was a chicken cutlet on not… – I’m ready dude. – Oh, my gosh. – Oh, it’s so stiff. – It was literally cardboard. – Alright, here we go, 3, 2, 1. (crunch) – Ah, you’re eating cardboard. Holy cow. So guys if you want to see another video, click right over here right now. You’ve got five seconds too click right here. Are you ready? Five, four, three, two, one, done. How’s it taste Devin? – Like cardboard. Like cardboard.
(laughing) Love you guys! – [Both] Bye!