Hi Bold Bakers! You’ll be glad to know that 10-minute desserts
are possible! A lot of you have tried my 10 minute tiramisu
and given it a 5 star rating on my website. So I thought why not throw another one into
the mix and let’s make a 10-minute berry tiramisu, full of seasonal berries, and perfect for
summertime. Now the recipe as always can be found on BiggerBolderBaking.com,
and if you make it, rate it! And also submit a photo so everyone else can
see. Okay, let’s get started in a saucepan. Add in some water, and sugar. And then just turn up the heat to medium and
just let it simmer until the sugar dissolves. So once it comes to a simmer, knock it off
the heat and we’re gonna add in our berries. So here are some raspberries, gorgeous color,
fantastic flavor for this time of year. The only thing I love more than raspberries,
are blueberries. So in you go. And then last but not least, some strawberries. Now all we’re going to do is just let that
sit, let the flavors kind of marinate and the juices come out of the berries, we don’t
want to cook it, we just want to poach them very slightly to get out that flavor. So leave that to hang out and we’re gonna
get started on our mascarpone cream. So in this nice large bowl I’m going to pour
in some heavy whipping cream. Now you need a cream that’s gonna whip up
well. Some sugar, and some vanilla extract. So here I have my electric mixer, and I’m
gonna whip this up until it forms soft peaks. Now the reason that this is 10 minute recipe
is because it’s not the traditional kind of tiramisu mousse, it doesn’t have eggs and
all that stuff in it, it’s a little bit faster but it does have all of the lovely
components of a tiramisu, so you’re not missing out on anything. And also if you are vegetarian and don’t eat
eggs, this is the perfect recipe for you. So around 2 or 3 minutes later, you have softly
whipped cream. Now our next ingredient is very important
in tiramisu, and it is mascarpone. This is a key ingredient, now if you don’t
have mascarpone, you can always leave it out and maybe use cream cheese instead, but you
can’t replace it with ricotta, because that’s something a little bit different. Now all you want to do is go back in with
your mixer and then just whip this up again until it’s really lovely and thick. So one of the reasons this is such a great
dessert for this time of year is that berries are in season, and when they’re in season,
they’re cheaper and they’ve got better flavor so it’s really a great time to make something
like this. So that is our quick and easy mascarpone mousse,
for want of a better word. So I’m gonna set this over to the side and
now we’re going to bring back in our berries. Now here I have a bowl lined with a strainer,
and what I’m gonna do is just remove the liquid from the berries. Now this is gonna be the liquid that we dip
our ladyfingers in and it tastes really lovely. It has all the flavor from the fruit. Perfect. Now I’m gonna put my fruit in a separate bowl,
and then bring in all my components for our tiramisu. So now into our fruit syrup if you want to
give it a little bit of a lift because it doesn’t have a coffee like the normal tiramisu,
I like to put in some crème de cassis. This is a black currant liquor, but feel free
to leave it out, it is totally optional. Okay, that’s it, I have my cream, I’ve got
my fruit, I’ve got my liquid right here, and then most importantly, ladyfingers. Now the last tiramisu I made, one of the biggest
questions was “I don’t have ladyfingers.” Here’s the great thing. I have put a recipe for this on my website,
they are super easy to make, so if you can’t buy them in a store, you can make them easily
at home. And I have my homemade ones that I’m gonna
use today. So now in my opinion the secret to a perfect
tiramisu is something is not too wet. So all you want to do is take your ladyfingers,
just give them a quick dunk, in and out, and then you’re done, and then lay them into your
dish. Now I have a dish here that’s 8×8” and it’s
the perfect size for a family. So just lay them into the bottom of your dish. Don’t feel tempted to leave them in there
to soak them up, they soak up so fast, that you just want to give them a dunk. In you go. And then just lay them in the bottom of your
dish until you have a nice layer. Our next layer is some generous spoonfuls
of our berries. So just around half of your fruit, scatter
it over the top. You want a nice thick layer of this. And then our next lovely layer is our mascarpone
cream. Now, same deal, half of this and spread it
over the fruit. As you can see this a really fast dessert
to make. Now we’re gonna start the same layer over
again, so ladyfingers, dunky-dunky, beautiful, more fruit, you can use all of the fruit now
because this is our last layer. Into the corners, all around. And then lastly, the rest of your mascarpone
cream. Beautiful. I just have the perfect amount of mascarpone
cream for the top. So now just to send this over the edge, I’m
going to top it off with a few strawberries and blueberries just so people can get an
idea of what’s on the inside. And then I’m going to scatter over some toasted
slivered almonds. They’ll give nice texture to this and also
the nuttiness will be nice with the fruit. And then of course a generous dusting of powdered
sugar. Because everything looks better with powdered
sugar on it. It’s like a little kiss of sugar. Fantastic. So now what you want to do is let this chill
out in the fridge for a couple of hours, maybe 3-4 hours and let it set and all those flavors
marry together. Then it will be ready to scoop. So it’s been a few hours and our tiramisu
is ready to enjoy. So with a serving spoon, I’m going to take
a nice big scoop. Look at all those gorgeous layers that we
created and the color. I don’t like to make this too far in advance
because otherwise it might get a little bit wet, so a few hours before you’re ready to
serve and it’s perfect. Oh! Oh my gosh, that’s delicious. Oh my gosh, that’s so delicious! I love tiramisu, but this is a whole other
type of tiramisu. Such great flavor, the season is perfect for
berries and all this lovely fruit. This is without a doubt going to be a family
favorite. Perfect dessert for summertime, picnicking,
out at the beach, just eating alfresco, everybody is going to love it. Now remember, if you make it, rate it! On BiggerBolderBaking.com, I would love to
know what you think of this recipe. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you back
here really soon for more Bigger Bolder Baking.